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Question re. UK sun and tent things....!

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PutThatInYourPipeandSmokeIt Sun 03-Jun-07 22:56:24

We're taking our 6 month old DD to cornwall etc on our hols this year - do we need to get a UV tent / beach umbrella and if so which?? We will probably sit on the beach once or twice. She has a sun hat and cover up clothes and cream BUT I am sure that isn't enough!!

sohappyicouldcry Sun 03-Jun-07 23:12:10

I don't really know the correct answer to your question, but we've bought a tent thingy for DD (10 months) for summer on the beach in France. Am also going to get one of those uv suit things, sunglasses, a hat and spf50/60.

LittleB Mon 04-Jun-07 12:42:09

I've got a pop up sun tent for dd , she loves playing in it, and it does give a bit more protection, I brought mine second hand on e-bay.

OrmIrian Mon 04-Jun-07 12:43:55

Pop up tent is handy for LOs. Not just from the sun protection POV - simply because if she wants a snooze or just a quiet time, the tent is great for that. I rely on loads of suncream and t-shirts for sun protection mostly.

PutThatInYourPipeandSmokeIt Mon 04-Jun-07 20:42:13

Brill thank you. I have just got one from ebay - I hope it's the right thing! Do they get really hot inside?? This one has a door and integral floor.....

LIZS Mon 04-Jun-07 20:45:30

they do get hot inside. We used it in Italy(I think) for dd and it wasn't nearly as cool or protective as the normal shade

carocaro Mon 04-Jun-07 21:27:14

yes get one, we took one to Cornwall when DS1 was about a year and it was fab for his little sleeps and you can snooze in there with them too! also good if it gets a bit windy and for keeping sand off your ice cream! And of course keeping the sun off them!

auburnmum Mon 04-Jun-07 21:37:20

Agree with all of that. Brilliant for protection from sun, sand and wind. Plus, on occasion have even taken shelter from the rain ... including one memorable occasion on a beach in wales where all 4 of us spent an entire morning huddled inside drinking hot chocolate and playing, hide the lego person! Much more fun than it sounds. Wouldn't go near the beach without it.

nappyaddict Thu 21-Jun-07 00:24:18

do they get hot inside even if the front bit is open?

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