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Suggestions for books or activities to start to teach a 5yo about money?

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muddiecuddles Tue 14-Aug-18 21:25:36

She has a piggy bank and can count (however doesn't get pounds versus pence yet) but can't seem to grasp the concept of saving up her money to buy things; she quite sweetly tries to give her money away when visitors come to the house (!). I think because her main source of income is handouts from grandparents when she visits them. She sometimes gets stressed if I say 'I have no money' (meaning I have no cash on me and need to go to the ATM) and seems a little anxious about money sometimes.

Any suggestions of books aimed at teaching the value of money to kids - I'm not having much luck via Amazon or Google... And is it time for formal pocket money? Or too young?

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SunflowerJo08 Tue 14-Aug-18 21:59:38

A pretend shop, for sure - at her age (and beyond!) I used to have a pretend shop at my granny's house, and would set it up in the lounge and sell things. She kept all her cardboard food containers and I had a pretend till with pretend and real money which I would love counting and putting in the drawers.

IMO too young for pocket money; the idea of star charts and then a treat is about the limit of understanding, I would say. So something very visual.

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