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Ddcroker Tue 14-Aug-18 19:06:33

Hi all,

My daughter is 11 months old (1 on the 24th of this month). She took her first steps on the 28th may, so a while ago, and despite this she still hasn't gone past about 8 steps. I thought since she started taking steps in late may, there would of been a lot more progress than an extra couple of steps. should I be concerned? If she only took her first steps a couple of weeks ago then I wouldn't be as worried but because it's been almost 3 months I'm worried there might be a problem stopping her from walking confidently. She is on the floor plenty and crawls well. She can pull herself up on things and cruise along furniture. Sorry if this sounds like a silly worry! I'm a ftm and I'm learning about babies as I go along! Thanks in advance x

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RamonaQuimbyage38 Tue 14-Aug-18 21:22:43

I don't think you have anything to worry about. Some very early walkers then go back to crawling because it's just easier for them at that age. From personal experience, 1 year seems about average for starting to walk and if she can crawl/pull up/cruise there's unlikely to be anything wrong. Lots of babies can't/don't do any of that at 1 year.

But obviously, ask a medical professional if it's really bothering you.

April45 Wed 15-Aug-18 04:42:19

No need to worry, developmentally it's better for them to crawl as it develops upper body strength.

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