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Reins for older child with dyspraxia?

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Joelle1736 Sun 12-Aug-18 00:42:04

I have 3 kids DD 6,9 and DS 8 . DS 8 has dyspraxia. He's a genuinely lovely boy kind, caring, but in recent months cannot behave when out with us.
We have explained a number of times how important it is that he stays close to us and i feel like he understands this. We always try to hold his hand when out but he seems to slip away whenever he sees something he's interested in or wants to look at. Most of the time he doesn’t even realise himself that hes left us and can get really upset by it. In the past few months we have lost him for moments in shopping centres, the zoo etc and its becoming a real worry for us. We have tried giving him tasks to focus on and rewards for sticking with us but nothing seems to have worked.
We now think that he needs to use reins . I know he is quite old for them but i think its the only solution that will work I don’t know if anyone has any experience using reins with older kids but would be really interested to hear your experiences.

Thanks in advance

AjasLipstick Sun 12-Aug-18 04:32:23

He's too old...he'll look and feel ridiculous. Why don't you just hold his hand?

rainingcatsanddog Sun 12-Aug-18 08:55:56

What if you see someone from school? A wrist strap is less obvious but I've also seen bracelet alarms/key rings that go off when the child unit is more than a certain distance from the parent unit.

5000KallaxHoles Sun 12-Aug-18 16:34:06

DD2 has dyspraxia (so I'm not talking out of my arse on this one). There is no way I would put reins on her now, and she's younger than your child, and I was NOT anti-reins when she was a toddler either.

I just have to do double the work keeping an eye on her - and I've taught the kids to "make a DD2 sandwich" walking through crowded areas - they hold hands with DD2 in the middle and they all think it's utterly hilarious.

Joelle1736 Sun 12-Aug-18 20:12:49

Like i say i know he’s probably quite old for them but i dont think its unheard of. We do try hand holding but he hates it, he can simply let go and run off/wander away, and its difficult to stop. It only takes a split second and he can be gone. I don’t want to embarrass him, but he currently isn’t safe and he can’t just stay at home because that would definitely be worse for his development.

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