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16month refusing all fluids n food

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Awesome80 Thu 09-Aug-18 22:33:44

My 16 month is diagnosed with feeding aversion since 10months. It's been a battle getting him diagnosed. Fluid was syringe fed and won't have fluid any other way. We got him into nursery and that helped him eat. He's been eating fine for months now, only bad phases if ill. But last two days he's refused food, shaking his head. Had a few SIP of water and refusing syringe.
I can't get anything in him. Today he didn't have breakfast... Lunch he had a few noodles (which he never had before) he saw my plate and reached out for it so I gave it. I was so happy he ate. Now dinner he's cried in his high chair. So I took him out after 15 min. He's been crying since like he's hungry but anything I put in front of him he's just shake's his head.
Keep persisting?

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