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19month old scared of slippery surfaces after starting nursery.

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Aw4foxsake Mon 06-Aug-18 23:27:48

So my little one has been going to nursery for about two months now. Since starting nursery he has become scared of things that never used to bother him. He has now become scared of the bath and I found out today that when the kids have been painting at nursery they get a bath after I’m not sure to what extent. I really didnt think they would be allowed to take the children for baths so I’m quite surprised unless they were just talking about a shallow tray to help rinse them off. However the girl at nursery said he really didn’t like the bath and seamed scared, last week at home he refused to get in the bath but tonight he went in the bath fine at home. So I’m thinking something has happened at nursery maybe one of the staff forced him in the bath when he didn’t want to or something? I tried getting in the bath with him but it seamed to panic him more which I think is really unusual he did calm down after I showed him that he could sit on his own. He has also became scared off ball pits and soft play mats in general and I know they have soft play at nursery. I’m actually really concerned. When we were out at the weekend we had to change my son so we took him to the disabled toilet and I don’t know what set him off but he started crying, pretty unusual for him. I suspect he might have been scared of the gurgling noise of the toilet but I’m still concerned it’s to do with nursery. However, it could also be a developmental thing and he is becoming more aware of his surroundings. I have spoken to the nursery but they don’t seam to think anything has happened at nursery but one of the girls my son really likes noticed he was scared and brought it up. My son is also scared of lound noises so it could also be connection to that some how? Maybe I should talk to a health visitor maybe it’s a sensory issue? What do you think ?

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