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Does your child write stories?

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reallyconfusedmostofthetime Sat 04-Aug-18 13:13:42

My seven year old retreats often to her room to write stories. She doesn’t allow me to look at them though I do anyway in secret much to my husbands chagrin! I just wondered if anyone had a similar experience? Her stories seem sophisticated to me but I only have my own experiences to compare to. I wondered in the same way if you were talented at maths a private school might be interested whether this could be the case for a talented writer?

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Painting345 Mon 06-Aug-18 01:11:42

Have you spoken to her school teachers? Maybe ask if they think her story writing is above average and see what her literacy skills are in general. Private schools can be a bit of a faff in regards to a scholarship, they don't like to give free entry to people really! But if she is talented enough they might consider a part scholarship if her school already have her on a gifted and talented register? x

PaulMorel Mon 06-Aug-18 03:24:44

Wow! That's a great news. She must be very talented when it comes to writing.

Witchend Mon 06-Aug-18 19:47:56

DD1 did at that age. She wouldn't write stories now. (age 17yo)

Dd2 has done since she could first write words, and still does now aged 14yo. Her room is full of notebooks with half-written and completed stories.

I don't think it means especial talent-neither dd1 nor dd2 are exceptional. In both their cases it was simply something they enjoyed for themselves. Dd2 is 2nd set English, in a standard comprehensive and should be going for a 7 (A in old money) so good, but not private school amazed level.

Encourage her to enjoy writing them by buying notepads.

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