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Are all three year olds so full of energy?

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Pansy0926 Sun 29-Jul-18 08:53:20

Ds is 3 and oh my goodness are we struggling in the summer holidays (he’d been at nursery since age 2 during term time). DH works the night shift, I work the day shift but am currently home on mat leave with an 8 week old so we are finding his excess energy exhausting.

He talks constantly, and although we are making a little progress on using his inside voice, 90% of what he says is in a shout, asks the same questions again and again, whether or not you answer him. Can’t sit quietly and do anything without narrating it at the top of his voice. If we do not go on at least a 2 hour walk each day by 10am he goes nuts and seriously plays up to the point of driving me to tears.

What works best, to ensure he behaves all day, is to take him to visit grandma, or great grandma. Why? Because it takes and hour to walk there, and an hour to walk back. Maybe you think this is a lot for a three year old - not for him. It tires him out just enough for us to have a good day at home. Until the other night that is, when he started running screaming in excitement up and down the hall when a friend visited.

If this is normal, what the hell do other parents do? Because everyone at nursery drives except me, so I imagine they can’t burn off the energy on the way to the shops, visiting relatives, or going to the post office etc like I do.

Nursery doesn’t start for another two weeks and I am getting fed up. Long outings every day is a bit hellish when your an introvert and y h I am wondering what on earth I should do in the winter time as itl be too cold to do much outdoors and we have a small flat with no garden.

Are his energy levels typical?

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 29-Jul-18 09:27:39

Sounds just like my DS at that age. I had to tire him out too but be warned, it does make them fitter! smile

You can still take him out in the winter OP. Get him some good waterproofs and a snuggly baby carrier and walk him, collect things like leaves or pine cones, or get him to spot something like red front doors or cars or numbers on doors.

Swimming is good too.

soundsystem Sun 29-Jul-18 19:18:13

This sounds a lot like my 3-year-old. Not sure I have any advice, I'm afraid. We do a lot of walking, too! The only consolation I can offer is that I'm a year or two when your 8-week-old can run and shout they'll do it together so you'll be able to have a brew in peace!

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