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Scrolblewomp Sun 29-Jul-18 20:21:28

So after a bit of googling, it looks like it can be linked to other issues and there are a couple of other flags that point towards it so I'm going to call up and get a GP appointment next week.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 29-Jul-18 11:40:03

*I can understand

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 29-Jul-18 11:02:42

I can u detests day you not wanting to make a fuss but conversely, how would your DS feel later if you’d done nothing?

BackforGood Sun 29-Jul-18 00:09:31

Yes, go back to the physio and be reassessed. If they can't help, then you will know you have done your best, but they might offer him some physio, or even if they don't offer a package, they might make suggestions of what you could do at home, and Nursery can do with him, to help.

Scrolblewomp Sat 28-Jul-18 23:27:01

My, now preschool aged, DS was born prematurely, he had delayed gross motor skills and was under the eye of physio as he was late to walk, physio stated that he had an 'odd' muscle tone but they didn't think it was low as he was able to hold himself well when needed , but compared to other children he has always felt, not floppy, but just, like hugging a weighted blanket. Recently he has seen an optometrist who has said he has an issues with his eyes, the opposite to being cross eyed, the eyes when relaxed just drift out, essentially DS has to work to keep both eyes straight, (this is going to be reviewed in a year).

I'm now thinking that these two things might be linked and that there is a muscle tone issue. I've also read that it can be linked to speech problems and DS's speech has been slow compared to peers and at the age of nearly 4 can still be hard to understand.

But I don't know what to do about it, should I raise it with my HV or GP or maybe go straight to physio ( you can self refer). I don't want to be seen as making a deal about an almost perfectly normal child, but likewise if these are ongoing issues I want to ensure DS is given the best help possible... HELP.

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