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Why is 9YO DD peeing in containers, but totally denying it?

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LaMigraine Sat 28-Jul-18 01:18:34

A few weeks ago I noticed a large poster tube had been left in the toilet. I didn't think much of it as tbh my kids do occasionally leave toys/books in there (carrying them when they come in and forget to take them out again) but when it happened a couple more times, the third time I looked inside it and it reeked of pee. She had clearly been peeing into it, then emptying it into the loo afterwards. I asked her why she'd been taking it into the loo and she said something like she just liked carrying it around. Clearly not the case, but I decided to leave it be.

Then, about a week ago I walked into her room and immediately smelled wee. I asked her about it, said it didn't matter if there had been an accident, I just needed to know where so I could deal with it etc. She denied all knowledge and although I looked everywhere I couldn't find the source of the smell. Today, when we were clearing out the bottom of her wardrobe, I found another tube with some door film in it which, like the other, stank of wee. Again, she said she didn't know why but this time she had an expression on her face that I recognised as her not telling the truth. Again I left it, but have been wondering if/how to tackle it.

This evening, I opened the small bathroom bin to discover an inch of pee in the bottom of it. So this time she hadn't even emptied it. Why, why, why is she doing this?? Obviously it's pretty grim but I'm more worried about whatever might be behind it. Please could anyone shed some light?

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Rebecca36 Sat 28-Jul-18 01:23:06

It must be worrying for you. Speak to her gently, tell her you know she is peeing in containers and leaving them around and ask her if she knows why she does it, when it started and if anything is worrying her.
It sounds like something a child might do if they are troubled. Bless her heart.

I hope you get to the root of this and that it is a passing phase. Please let us know how you get on.

RayRae19 Sat 28-Jul-18 20:22:16

I wonder if something has made her worried about sitting on the toilet so she's using other containers instead? I remember once seeing a TV show when I was young about Australia when I was young where spiders sit under the toilet seat and bite people - I was terrified of using the toilet!

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