12 week old just won't sleep

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wenglishy Fri 27-Jul-18 21:05:21

My 12 wk old simply won't sleep in the day leading to horrendous overtired bedtimes. She was brilliant, sleeping for 2hrs at a time until she was about 10wks old and then the nap times have decresed now to nothing. She will eventually sleep in car but wakes up as soon as we slowdown/stop, she won't go in the pram, she will sleep in my carrier bit only for 10mins and then wakes up crying and despite shushing, rocking for 10+ mins she simply will not go back to sleep. Bedtime is horrendous and normally ends in her screaming herself to sleep either in cot or in my arms. We do same routine everynight, bottle, bath, remaining bottle but as soon as she realises its time to sleep all hell breaks loose. Its horrendous and she really does scream her heart out and we can't do anything with her. My son gets very upset about it and the neighbours are now commenting saying they really feel for us. I am at a loss. I know she's overtired but i simply can't get her to sleep in the day anymore. I know its not right for her to be awake all day. I just don't know what to do. Been thinking about changing her milk maybe but no idea to what! I've spoken to docs and they just say that it will pass and some babies cry more than others. Everyone said it would get better at 12 wks but it seems to have got worse. I'm just not enjoying her at all as she's just miserable all the time and i simply don't like taking her anywhere. She is on colief and gaviscon for what i thought was colic and silent reflux but she is still so bad. She's been a difficult baby since she was 3wks old as we frequently had colic sessions lasting 5+hrs every night, it was hell, but at least she slept more in the day. She will eventually settle around 10pm and will 'sleep' (i.e not cry until 3/4am) which is great but i would really like tl hear if anyone else has the same or should i push docs more?? She won't take dummy, cries blue murder if i swaddle, cot is elevated, same on back or on tummy, if fed upright and i keep her upright for 30mins after feed (in fact she is hardly ever flat as she cries as soon as i put her down if i want to go to the toilet etc). Its horrid and depressing and i'm considering cutting my maternity leave short so i can go back to work for a rest as a childminder:nursery may be able to sort her out!

I'm opening the wine tonight whilst my husband deals with her as my ears are ringing from her cries.

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Papillion86 Fri 27-Jul-18 22:35:18

No real advice 😞 as at 16 weeks we're sort of going through the same thing. I'm trying anything I can to get DS to sleep, even sleeping in bed with us if things get really bad. Unfortunately I think they do just grow out of these things (and on to something else). The only thing I can really suggest is stick with the routine, even in the day, look for tired signs and keep trying everything to get her to sleep. Good luck - you have my sympathies xx

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 28-Jul-18 19:49:30

@wenglishy which milk is she on now?

wenglishy Sun 29-Jul-18 21:07:41

She is on aptamil having been on aptamil comfort which didn't really do anything other than turn her stools green. I have heard bad things about the newly branded aptamil and i'm thinking a change to Hipp Organic.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 30-Jul-18 06:45:53

I would change, it’s worth a try at least smile

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