Panicking now - baby won't feed at temperatures are expected to reach 36 degrees today in London!

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birthofawoman Thu 26-Jul-18 05:54:15

For the past week, baby (10-week-old) hasn't fed as much as usual. We've had an ongoing heatwave in the UK, and baby has been sleepier than usual, so not woken for feeds as often during the night. Generally been fussy and agitated due to the heat, so very fussy on the breast when we do feed. For the past two or so days, he hasn't produced as many wet nappies as usual either, but I've been too stressed/preoccupied with him to count them. Last night he was so fussy and agitated, he wouldn't even latch properly and he fell asleep out of "I've had enough - will try again later". The last time he was this fussy/acted this way was when was three weeks, during what I imagined was a growth spurt (I was really stressed then, too, but this time it's worse). He only had one mini feed during the night. Currently I'm struggling to wake him for a feed (I never usually have to wake him, but I feel he needs to feed now), and we're expected to have temperatures of up to 36 degrees Celsius in the London. Today of ALL days, HE NEEDS TO FEED and properly! I'm getting worried about dehydration now. His frontanelle isn't sunken which is good (I keep checking it). He's never taken a bottle, so breast is our only choice. I'm worried that he's already gone too many hours without a proper feed.

I've tried everything to wake him. He's been stripped down to a nappy ever since the beginning of this heatwave, we've been having skin-to-skin, I've put damp flannels against his skin... he just seems to need more sleep and not be ready to stay wake up yet (had a few suckles a few mins ago but drifted back off).

He's not been acting floppy or lethargic or anything when he is awake, but he definitely needs to feed more in such hot weather!

I'm close to tears!

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birthofawoman Thu 26-Jul-18 05:59:50

Was supposed to put 'and' in title, not 'an'.

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birthofawoman Thu 26-Jul-18 06:00:05

Not 'at'*

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gower4 Thu 26-Jul-18 13:51:58

With a baby that young I'd take him to A&E if he won't feed at all. He's probably just having a sleepy phase, but they can check his hydration levels.

ElyElyOy Thu 26-Jul-18 20:35:10

Call 111 for advice, but some babies do drop night feeds earlier.

Have you got the Lullaby trust baby check app? It’s really useful for checking babies overall health and gives you a series of questions and helps you understand what requires urgent attention. It also helps to have the answers to the questions if you do seek medical advice and can help you feel less flustered.

Just remember that although it’s hotter than we are used too babies are used to being warmer and live in countries with daily temperatures hotter than ours.

FranticallyPeaceful Fri 27-Jul-18 12:16:30

Hi, I know the feeling! Although it’s 30 here not 36 - that sounds disgusting!
Have you got fans? I’m currently in my living room with my 10 week old and we have three fans going in this room alone and it’s made him so much more placid. He’s been a NIGHTMARE with the heat! Sweaty disgusting mess grin
I’ve found giving us both a nice coolish shower really calms him down for awhile (I thought he would hate it but I was wrong).

Also is it possible that you just think he isn’t getting enough? My little man doesn’t feed as much anymore but it’s because he’s become better at getting it out and sometimes I’m trying to get him to feed and don’t realise that he’s just pissed off that i keep offering it to him when he doesn’t want any! And once he’s set off it’s difficult for him to remember why he was angry to begin with so it can easily spiral.
He’s also sleeping much more often than usual during the day right now but he’s otherwise completely fine, albeit a fussy cranky arse smile

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