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8 year old's behaviour

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DeepfriedPizza Wed 25-Jul-18 14:21:43

I need help with my DD. Only child 8 years old.

I just want to start by saying there has never been any problems in school at all. All teachers are happy with development and no behaviour problems have ever been reported.

DD is opinionated to say the least and is not happy when she doesn't get her own way. Lots of little things most days but I can give you an example of yesterday's behaviour to give specifics.

Went to shopping centre for school uniform, dd got bought a build a bear as I had a voucher. No issues there we had lunch then came home.
We had to take the dog out and I had to go to a corner shop so decided to walk to shop with dog to kill two birds with one stone. DD had to be asked 6 times to put her shoes on because she didn't want to go. when we left she was fine.

Got to the shop, she stayed at the door with the dog (I could see them before anyone thinks otherwise) We then start walking home and I say we are not going to take the short cut but walk the 5 minutes extra as it would be better for the dog. She started moaning she didn't want to go that way and just kept repeating herself over and over again then started walking the other way I gave her a warning and said she wouldn't get her tablet for the rest of the day, she kept moaning and wouldn't come I told her that was it, no tablet. cue tears and snotters.
When she finally came with us she was dragging her feet along the ground. I asked her to walk properly, tried to divert her attention by saying something like "look at the size of that tree" she put her fingers in her ears and kept singing "you're a poo" over an over again.
I removed her fingers from her ears and said if she continued to do that she would be grounded. So she ended up grounded for yesterday. More tears and snotters

All this on a 10 minute walk home from the shop.

How do I deal with this sort of thing?

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 26-Jul-18 07:18:38

My DD can be like this too. The only thing we have ever found to work is saying that she will go to bed 10 minutes earlier. I have no idea why she finds that unacceptable and behaves (sort of) but it seems to work for her.

There’s a Preteens section on MN OP. You might be better posting in there where lots of us are experiencing the delights and not so delightful aspects of parenting a Preteen smile

DeepfriedPizza Thu 26-Jul-18 07:40:11


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