Toddler broke toy at play date

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Amywmcg Wed 25-Jul-18 07:20:56

Hello, I just wanted your opinions on this please. A few days ago I took my generally well behaved 2 year old son to a friend’s house for a play date with her 2 year old daughter. They were playing with some ceramic figurines from the girl’s toy box (although they weren’t designed as toys - I’d say they were ornaments). I asked my friend if they were breakable as they didn’t look very toddler friendly and she said her daughter was fine with them and liked playing with them and that they were quite robust... anyway, my son was a little rough with two pieces and chipped one, and broke the another in half. I was embarrassed and offered to replace them, and my friend accepted the offer and sent me the details of where to buy. Turns out the two pieces my son broke are from a bigger 10-piece set of ornaments (£20) - and are not toys for children. I’ve ordered the whole set again as requested, but I just feel that allowing us to replace the entire set when only 2 pieces were broken (which could probably be fixed with glue anyway) was a bit OTT. Thoughts? What would you have done?

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Tobuyornot99 Wed 25-Jul-18 07:24:07

She's a bit daft letting her child play with things that are presumably sharp / dangerous if broken. I'd be pretty pissed off replacing them, bit as you offered I can't really see how you can go back on it now. Although in her position I would never have accepted your offer of replacing.

Amywmcg Wed 25-Jul-18 08:25:45

Thank you for replying. You are right - It’s done now as the replacement is ordered but I’ve just been feeling annoyed about it and needed to vent as I would never have expected a friend to pay — especially so disproportionately for a small accident. Will try and forget it now and move on!

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