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Reality check - 20 month old ahead/ behind / normal?

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668neighbour Tue 24-Jul-18 03:18:22

Just wondering what people think. Not panicking, not asserting giftedness. Just vaguely aware that we could be out of normal territory, or then again we might not be.

My assessment is that DS' (at 20 months) fine motor control and language are probably a bit ahead, and gross motor control a bit behind. Some people (whose judgement I don't particularly rate) say "ooh, not normal, mst be autistic"; some people (whose judgement I do rate) say "ahead in some areas, behind in others, might be autistic, too early to tell".

He has been talking (mostly naming things) about 6 months, talking in sentences about 3 months. He has something of the order of a couple of thousand words he uses correctly in context. Can read a few words (Mum, Dad, [name], Gruffalo, colours, coconut, Peepo - nothing complex!) and recognize alphabet, digits and colours spontaneously and correctly.

He is relatively antisocial but will really "blossom" with some people.

He adores things that spin, and anything to do with watching water (pouring, water wheels, watching waves at the beach, etc)

He has the fine motor control to play xylophone or piano one key at a time in each hand, softly.

However, he's only just able to climb or descend stairs, and can't always get up off the floor (never crawled, went straight to walking at 12mo). He tries to jump but can't yet; he occasionally runs without falling over. He's pretty cautious physically.

He is absolutely terrible at task switching.

So far I think this is pretty normal. Is that about right?

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Mymomsbetterthanyomom Tue 24-Jul-18 03:47:31

Well,zero babies name things and speak in sentences at 3 to 6 months.Their brains just aren't there yet...
As for carrying on conversation at almost 2,I know lots of kiddos that do that,including my oldest 2.My youngest did not and was actually the opposite of my oldest(health issues)...Maybe you have concentrated more on the "book smarts"lol,thanks the physical maturity.Plus,he could be going through a growth spurt.Touch base with his doc,but you are doing a great job!
And keep it up.You are instilling a love for learning.
And that will last a lifetime💙📚💙

668neighbour Tue 24-Jul-18 04:08:35

@Mymomsbetterthanyomom I meant he has been doing these things for 3 or 6 months not since the age of 3 or 6 months. But in any case, thanks for the reassurance smile

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Thecomfortador Wed 25-Jul-18 12:19:41

I think your assessment is about right, it sounds like he's doing well. He's well ahead of where my son was for language (I stopped counting when I could write down 50 words he used haha) and slightly behind on gross motor. The rest I can't remember. But your son sounds like he's being well stimulated and knows what he likes. (I remember with fondness the days before he could jump. Sadly nana has instilled a love of jumping on the bed which I can't tolerate hmm.)

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