Suddenly clingy baby??

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EllieRosesMammy Mon 16-Jul-18 17:49:50

Hiya my daughter is nearly 7 months old and lately she's became incredibly clingy. So much so that if I walk in to the kitchen while shes sat on the floor playing with her toys she will IMMEDIATELY start a full on crying and choking fit. I don't eat during the day now, nothing more than a few biscuits, because I can't be bothered listening to her screams while I cook myself something. If I bring her into the kitchen and sit her in her high chair while I make my food she shouts, if I try go to McDonald's drive thru with her in the car she will scream while I'm eating my food eventhough she's sat right next to me in the front. If I get her to have a nap and I place her down into her rocker she will stay asleep till the second I leave the room then the screaming starts. It seems like she's just throwing temper tantrums when all the attention isn't on her and I'm sick of it.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 16-Jul-18 22:08:07

Whilst it’s hard, the best thing you can do is to go with it and give her lmenty of reassurance.

If you are having trouble eating, can you eat while she eats?

GenericUsername101 Tue 17-Jul-18 09:04:50

I have a just turned 8 month old who entered the clingy phase a few weeks ago too, I remember my older one going through it at a similar age. I hate the crying too so try to take him with me if I leave the room and either hold him (and cook/eat with one hand) or pop him on the floor so he can try to climb my legs while I'm there. Also sometimes I just eat sitting on the floor while he mingles and I poke toys at him. Maybe if you can't even put him down you could pop him in a carrier while you cook and eat? Or as pp says eat together at the table?

GenericUsername101 Tue 17-Jul-18 09:05:52

Sorry for referring to your dad as 'him' please read as 'her' in my post above!

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