5 year old tantrums

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clairbb Sun 15-Jul-18 21:45:49

My daughter is 5 and a half but has started having epic tantrums, the tantrums nearly always start as she feels something isn’t right e.g shoes feel funny, socks lumpy, blanket not how she wants it. She gets really cross and although we can do more to control it in the day (usually distraction or time out) at bedtime it’s becoming a nightmare as she is having tantrums about hair on her face, not feeling tired, blanket not right etc. The thing is I know for a fact she doesn’t have these tantrums at school only at home. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to calm down bedtime tantrums? She has a consistent bedtime routine and doesn’t watch any tv after school, it literally all kicks off just as she should be falling asleep. I am running out of ideas and it’s making me really sad as bedtimes used to be lovely.

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