4 year old with ASD

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EssexMummy123456 Sun 15-Jul-18 20:41:57

Hi Redclem, there is a fab special needs section on mumsnet which might be of some help.

HairyMaclary5 Sun 15-Jul-18 20:11:01

Hi Redclem. I was reading your post thinking "this could be me"!!

My daughter is 4 and we are going through similar issues and have been for a while now. She shows no signs of growing out of the behaviour.

Who told you your son might be autistic? Presume he has speech issues? I feel for you as it's so hard going when you can't even go for a simple family trip out. It's exhausting.

How does he behave at nursery?

Redclem Sun 15-Jul-18 13:59:48

Hello all,

My 4 year old boy may be on Autism Spectrum, we are on long waiting list for assessment. In the mean time we are attending all communication sessions with Speech and language therapist. We have SENCO support at nursery.

He is extremely social, hyper active and very kind. Everyone at nursery likes him a lot.

The problem is when we go out to any parties or a restaurant he is impossible to manage. He just won't listen, he hates sitting down, he wants to run around or do whatever he wants, recently he started pushing other kids as well.

We don't take him to most of the parties and if we take him, I will be exhausted and can't wait to leave.

He doesn't understand other kids are not comfortable, when he tries to hug them or hold hands. I see other mums making faces my heart breaks. I have tried everything to tell him it's a big No to hug anybody, it's just not working.
Taking him out even to nearby park is big task.

He will starting school soon. I am so so worried how will he behave, what is going to happen.

We met headteacher and told her everything but extremely worried.

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