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Potty training DD 3.2yo, help!

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louiseee123 Sat 14-Jul-18 22:25:11

Hi needing some advice with my DD who has previously expressed no desire at all to get rid of her nappies. Today I decided to try her nappy free.

Twice she shouted me as she's was weeing on the floor, the 3rd time it was clear she needed to go, she would sit on the potty but do nothing.

I waited for a while and it got to a stage she was holding herself really trying to stop herself, she started leaking so I quickly put her on her potty, she was very upset but eventually came round and was happy although asked for a nappy for a poo, i did because she has issues with constipation so not sure where to go from here, any tips or do I persevere?

Thanks! smile

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Nogodsnomasters Sun 15-Jul-18 00:16:16

Is this day one of your first attempt or have you tried her before now? If this is day 1 then I would keep going as you are. My first day of potty training my ds he got zero wees in the potty, 3 on the floor. Day 2 was 2 wees in potty, 2 on the floor and so on and so forth. Every time she wees in the potty make a massive deal of it for her telling her a big girl she is now and how you are so proud of her etc. I wouldn't worry about poops to start with as notoriously they are a bit more difficult to master and usually comes after the child has managed to crack the wee first. My boy was getting all pees in potty after about 3-4 days, poops on the other hand took about 2 weeks to master. Keep going and good luck!

louiseee123 Sun 15-Jul-18 08:55:05

Yes it was first day really, what was concerning for me was how upset she was getting as she was physically trying to hold it in, I don't want to scare but I will see how she gets on today, thanks

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Nogodsnomasters Sun 15-Jul-18 20:00:37

How did she do today op? It's probably the sensation of letting go with no nappy on is new/scary to her but with more practise she will overcome that. I remember the first time my ds did a poo with no nappy on (it didn't make it into the potty it went on the floor) but he genuinely seemed scared/horrified that that had come out of him as its probably their first time seeing it!

louiseee123 Mon 16-Jul-18 14:18:28

Hi thanks for the reply, not good she has refused to go near the potty since she had that accident, I thought girls were supposed to be easier ha

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Nogodsnomasters Mon 16-Jul-18 22:30:27

Oh no, so what is your current plan? Yes I heard girls were easier too lol.

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