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JW24 Tue 10-Jul-18 12:05:55

Hi, my daughter who’s 14 1/2 had her first period 6/7 weeks ago. No sign of second one. Internet says 90% have a second one within 40 days, though most will be irregular for for couple of years. I can’t remember how I was, though I had a late start too. Am I wrong to worry? She’s my eldest, healthy weight and reasonably active. All other developmental signs there. No major acne or body hair to suggest PCOS.

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BeeMyBaby Tue 10-Jul-18 16:33:15

Even if she did have pcos I don't think you need to worry about it at this stage. Doctors really don't seem to be bothered by an irregular cycle and she will probably just be advised to get further checks when she's older and considering having a family if she has tried for a while without success.

Benandhollysmum Thu 12-Jul-18 01:29:10

Internet is 90% nonsense it can take up to 6 months before another period. You don’t need to worry about your healthy daughter, the only thing she has to worry about is making sure she has sanitary pads in her bag to avoid an accident.
My daughter started hers at 11 day before she started high school, I was worried sick for her as she had no idea how to put a pad into her pants. Her second period took a few months to come because I had to keep asking her if she had pads in her bag or if she needed me to buy them now she’s almost a year since she started they’ve become regular so I’d think your daughter is normal.

JW24 Thu 12-Jul-18 09:29:44

Thanks for input, I know you’re right. I’m just a worrier!

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