Getting really worried about 17mo!

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Ivy7550 Wed 04-Jul-18 13:03:47

Hiya - apologies in advance for long ramble, just be good to hear some opinions/experiences!

My little boy just turned 17 months, and is still not really talking/pointing/waving/clapping. He did go through a phase of waving a few months ago, and we got very excited, but has since stopped! He does point occasionally but not often and it’s usually if he wants something & he uses his whole hand rather than a finger. He does enjoy books for short whiles and points to stuff in them but thinks it’s usually just to “feel” things as he reads a lot of the “that’s not my...” books. He turns pages etc but if you ask him to point at something in book he doesn’t do it. If you ask him to point at his head he won’t, and say if you ask him where the cat is he will look at it but not point. He absolutely refuses to clap no matter what I do, but he loves hi-fiving!

I do think he understands some of what we say - if you say let’s go upstairs he will run to door etc. And he will stop doing something if you ask him, for the most part. He also responds to his name most of the time & generally comes if you call him. I also think he is trying to talk but it normally just sounds like jibberish, he says dada but not always in context. Only very rarely mama! I’m convinced he says cat but it’s inconsistent.

He is very fussy with food so has a limited diet and, also makes a real fuss getting his teeth brushed, nails clipped etc - we basically have to pin him down!

Apart from these things he’s generally a happy little guy who is full of fun! He likes games like peekaboo, and he absolutely loves sneaking round behind me while I pretend to look for him. He definitely has a great of sense of humour & laughs a lot. He will bring me things just to show me as well as to get help opening something etc. He is really affectionate, and will come and sit on my knee and indicate he’d like a song, or if you start saying “round and round the garden” he will come up with his hand out smiling. So he enjoys interacting and he’s generally good with strangers too, he’s ok with other kids but doesn’t actively ‘play’ with them.

He was a bit of a late walker, only really been properly on his feet around a month. He has been grumpier than normal lately as he seems to be constantly teething & only has 6 teeth so far, I sometimes think that affects him quite a lot as he’s always drooling and fussing at his mouth & ears.

Just wondering if he sounds “normal” (don’t like using that word, but you know what I mean!), or if I should be flagging any of this with the health visitor? Again sorry for long post it’s difficult to sum up in words. He’s my first so nothing really to compare. Starting to worry about his development and really don’t want to let him down sad

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AjasLipstick Wed 04-Jul-18 13:10:55

Firstly, get his hearing checked. Has he had any ear infections? My nephew was pretty much like this and in fact only began talking at 2...even then he was unintelligible.

Now he's 4 and much more fluent...on the quiet side but can certainly hold a conversation.

Ivy7550 Wed 04-Jul-18 13:16:01

Hi Ajas - thanks for your reply smile I did think he might have an ear infection about 6 months ago as he seemed to be touching at his ears a lot, but doctor had a look and thought it was just ear pain associated with teething. I’m pretty sure he can hear us as he reacts to sounds and mostly turns round when you say his name - but definitely wouldn’t hurt to get it checked!

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AjasLipstick Wed 04-Jul-18 13:17:57

That's right because some ear problems aren't as simple as "can he hear or not" but are more complex.

You can mention your other concerns to the GP...see if they think it's worth having him assessed by a developmental paed.

Ivy7550 Wed 04-Jul-18 22:18:44

Definitely going to make appointment with GP to test hearing. He does respond to name but sometimes you have to say it a fair few times to get his attention! Is lack of pointing/waving that is troubling me most - Google is not my friend today sad

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