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Hearing vs hearing impaired babies

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Kungfuhamster Wed 04-Jul-18 09:17:31

Hi, my almost 5 month old son has been diagnosed as severley hearing impaired. After speaking with his teacher of the deaf and NDCS we have been advised to apply for DLA. We have asked for help in completing the form but this hasn't been very forthcoming. The advice we have been given is to look at the difference between a baby of the same age with no hearing impairment and him on a bad day. This would be great except we're new parents and we've never really spent much time with babies before having our son. I can imagine his worst days where he's pulling his hearing aids off every 10minutes and trying to eat them because he's teething, or crying every time he can't see you and not being able to calm him by speaking to him, but we're a bit at a loss as to what other every day things are different... Anyone been through applying for DLA for hearing impairment be able to offer any advice?

Thanks in advance

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