3month old and feeding

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Littlechinagirl Mon 02-Jul-18 02:11:29

I think I'm just looking for reassurance..

My 3 month old was up until about 5 days ago a healthy eater. 5oz pretty much every 4 hours. When she turned 3 months old weupped her feed to 6oz. After about 3/4 all of a sudden she is pretty much surviving on 3oz every 4/5 hours.

Nappies are still wet. In fact her behaviour itself hasn't really changed. She poos once a day although since this change in eating habits the poo is now more often than not fairly solid like a rubber putty. The heatwave this week hasn't helped.

Is it down to the heat or am I ignoring a sign that she needs to be seen by someone? Or indeed am I just being paranoid?

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Littlechinagirl Mon 02-Jul-18 02:14:00

Should say her habits changed after 3/4 days after amount of feed changed. Also 1 poo a day is normal for her.

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Papillion86 Mon 02-Jul-18 22:16:01

My DS was the same, just before 3 months he stopped drinking as much. I think it was because he'd finished a growth spurt. A couple of weeks on and he had started feeding more. This has gone up in the air with the heatwave as now wants little and often. Like yours he still has wet nappies so I'm not worrying 😀

Emmafh3 Tue 03-Jul-18 13:53:10

Yep. My dd (now 19 months) went through stages of barely eating at that age and onwards. One poop a day was normal, even one poop every 3 days for a while.
So long as nappies are wet lots of times a day still, I wouldn't worry.
She survived on one bf and two crackers a day for the longest time despite my efforts of feeding....

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