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Is this normal behaviour for 2 year old?

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Nj200 Sat 23-Jun-18 16:16:55

My 2 year old is throwing terrible tantrums lately . Whenever you put him in the car or buggy he really kicks off. He's recently started hitting himself and me as well. Today we took him for his hair cut but soon as we got near the chair he was hysterical and climbing up me we had to leave . He's being seen my HV and Dr as he is delayed and not talking yet, I was worried he may be autistic but doctor doesn't seem to think so. He doesn't play like other kids his age, he does the same things over and over and likes to keep spinning around in a circle. He doesn't listen to you and rarely follows instructions. I can't say anything to him atm without hmm crying or throwing a tantrum sad

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TwigTheWonderKid Sat 23-Jun-18 16:36:40

I assume he's had his hearing throughly tested?

Nj200 Sat 23-Jun-18 17:02:12

Not since he was a baby. He's been referred to speech and language but no one mentioned anything about his hearing

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TwigTheWonderKid Sat 23-Jun-18 17:36:41

I really recommend getting a hearing test. Your son sounds very much like a friend's son. His hearing loss was quite bad ( though luckily just glue ear and other stuff he will grow out of) but he needed a hearing aid for a while and it made such a difference. His speech was hugley delayed as a result of not being able to hear properly and it took him a long time to catch up.

Nj200 Sat 23-Jun-18 18:28:48

Thank you for the advice. How do you go about getting their hearing tested, through the HV? I feel like we should of been referred for this they asked if we had any concerns for his hearing and I said no but I don't know really how much he's hearing

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Lbee123 Sat 23-Jun-18 19:09:01

My gp referred us for a hearing test but I did say I had concerns (not looking over when I called him, regressed from saying around 10 months at 1 to none). Perhaps go back to your gp and ask them to refer him?

He sounds similar to my son and he had glue ear. Diagnosed around 18 months old. He's 2.5 now and although still slightly behind with speech he is doing much better

Nj200 Sat 23-Jun-18 19:14:45

Did your son get easily frustrated and throw tantrums a lot? Did he have to wear a hearing aid?

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Belle231 Mon 25-Jun-18 14:34:10

Yes he did, he used to bang his head on walls, floors anything he could get close to. Would push, smack, bite other children. He still does some of the above a little now but that's mostly when he is tired or hungry where as previously it was almost all the time for no apparent reason.

He didn't wear hearing aids but his glue ear got better before they had a chance to intervene, suspect he had it for around 12 months... the ENT waiting lists in my area were/Are ridiculous. He had moderate hearing loss in both of his ears and passed his hearing test in February. Now he can have basic conversations, expresses likes dislikes what he wants etc.

magicroundabouts Mon 25-Jun-18 15:39:12

I would recommend doing the M-Chat as well. Depending on results, you can take a printed copy to the GP and ask for referral to the Community Paeds for further assessment. GPs can't screen for autism, so don't be fobbed off if you are concerned. GP will also be able to refer you for a hearing test.

Nj200 Mon 25-Jun-18 15:51:29

Thank you.

He is already under the care of the local peads for everything and she doesn't want to see him again for another 8 months where I am worried about autism but she hasn't mentioned it. I mentioned it to hv and she said she can't diagnose it, would be peads. He's on the wait list for ENT for his throat but as had on going colds and tonsillitis. I'll ring doctors see if I can arrange hearing test

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BeeMyBaby Mon 25-Jun-18 22:11:06

Has he had a sleep study yet for ent? My DS sounds similar, although no hearing issues, and again he didn't show autistic signs according to docs, HV and speech therapists. He was miserable, I presume due to lack of quality sleep caused by naturally large tonsils growing further due to repeated bouts of tonsillitis between 1-2yr. I've read some bits on it and unlike adult sufferers they don't fall asleep during the day, they just get miserable. Now he's had his tonsils removed at 25m he is generally much happier, more chilled and is now able to eat solids without gagging. His speech is still virtually non existent at almost 29m but I think the sleep apnea has caused a slight developmental delay.

RubySlippers77 Mon 25-Jun-18 22:14:23

Do you have a local drop in SALT clinic you could go to OP? That's how I got my hearing test referral - Google it or check via your local children's centre/ HV. They have also referred us to a speech therapy group but apparently there is at least a couple of months' wait in our area sad

Nj200 Mon 25-Jun-18 22:38:36

He's been referred to salt and he's had one session with them and heard nothing sad yeah we are on a big wait list for a class with them as well. I'll ring around tomorrow see quickest way to get a hearing test as he seems involved with every service but none of them have arranged one

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RubySlippers77 Wed 27-Jun-18 08:25:32

If it's any help OP a private hearing test would be around £100 (in my area, anyway). Not ideal to have to pay it but at least it would give you some answers - that's how I looked at it, although luckily DS1's appointment came through quickly in the end. However we may have to change it as MIL now says she can't look after DS2 on that day, and we're not supposed to take other children - aarrrghhhh! Hoping it doesn't push us too far down the list as like you, I really want to get his hearing checked and see if that's contributing to his behaviour!

Nj200 Wed 27-Jun-18 19:54:00

Apparently I need to go through the doctors for a hearing test as he's 2! Even though he's involved with paeds and salt.
Let me know how you get on please

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RubySlippers77 Thu 28-Jun-18 10:51:45

How strange OP, I wasn't told that at all - the SALT clinic identified that he needed a hearing test and referred him! We are in England, are you? Maybe different health authorities have different rules?!

Had to move our test to July 26th unfortunately as I can't take DS2 along. But I will update you after that smile

Nj200 Thu 28-Jun-18 12:03:56

I know, I thought with him already being involved with salt they would sort it but no. Got an app with gp next Friday.
Yeah I'm in uk, north east smile

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Nj200 Sat 28-Jul-18 22:09:20

Rubyslippers77 how did the hearing test go?

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Mynd Sun 29-Jul-18 23:29:11

My DD had severe glue ear from birth til 2, when she finally had a hearing test and grommets fitted. She had no language at that point. I was worried about autism because she didn't respond to her name (family is riddled with autism!), but I was told they won't assess for autism until a hearing test has been done, because deafness and autism present as very similar in very young children. Basically, if you're worried about autism, get the hearing test done first to rule that out. My DD is now 7 and has almost caught up with her language.

RubySlippers77 Mon 30-Jul-18 00:54:27

Hi OP! DTS1 has glue ear in both ears, but as it's clearing in the right one, they won't do anything just yet sad I have to wait till he's had a winter appointment in a few months' time so they can compare the results to his summer test...

Haven't had our speech therapy appointment through yet either, I'm looking at private options! How are things going with you?

Nj200 Mon 30-Jul-18 13:07:22

Thanks for sharing Mynd that's nice to hear as positive outcome . I'm very worried about autism now I'm trying to get a hearing test he is already invoked with salt but I have to go through ENT for hearing test apparently

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Nj200 Mon 30-Jul-18 13:10:37

Rubyslippers77 I can't believe it's glue ear sadthat's what I've always been concerned about mine my ds hopefully now you know what it is things will improve. What did they do for the hearing test? Did they say how long you have to wait for an app with SALT?

We had one app with SALT couple month ago and just got his write up through the post they have arranged to go into nursery to see him in a couple weeks, been referred to ENT hopefully they will do hearing test but app not until end of sep

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SunflowerJo08 Tue 31-Jul-18 15:52:22

If he can't express his feelings with words then at the moment at his development stage the only way of getting his feelings and words across is by using negative behaviour, it could well be down to hearing or his eyesight too, because if he can't use his senses to take in information too, as well as not use his words to process it, he's going to be feeling very frustrated - as are you! It is a perfectly normal and typical way of expressing what he is trying to process non-verbally. Look into simple Makaton feeling signs like 'sad', happy and so on, and say things like "Mummy feels very sad when you hurt her" and so on. Facial expression cards and books can also really help, as he can point to whatever emotion he is trying to express. It might also help to allow him a space to have a good shout; when I have worked with children who need an outlet for their frustration, it's easier to say "why don't have a really good SHOUT AND SCREAM!!" and demonstrate this - and leave him to it - it can be a good let off for you too! I've found this to be helpful with children who hit out.

RubySlippers77 Wed 01-Aug-18 23:45:14

Our hearing test came through quite quickly Nj200, shame you have to wait so long for yours sad however I've been told that we won't get our appointment through for speech therapy till at least September, then when we do, it's a booking system anyway - we have to book onto the next course that's convenient for us (and not full already!). No idea whether I can take DTS2 along too; I don't have any worries over him but literally have no childcare with MIL recovering from her op.

For the hearing test he wore earphones and then had to put a little wooden figure into a boat every time he heard a noise through them - presumably they changed the pitch/ frequency to check his hearing range. They also showed him some little figures and asked him to choose the cow, choose the house, choose the boat etc. Finally they put an instrument in his ears to check for glue ear. The outcome was that he can hear when he really concentrates, and the understanding is there, but he struggles when there is any background noise.

That's interesting about the facial expressions Sunflower. We always tell DTS1 that scratching/ hair pulling is naughty - he doesn't seem to appreciate how annoying/ painful people find it - we will have to emphasise how sad it makes people too!

Rebecca36 Thu 02-Aug-18 01:46:13

He sounds quite normal for a two year old and, as for being delayed, my friend's daughter didn't talk until she was over three and grew up to be a very clever person.

He'll have outgrown it all by three by which time you won't be able to shut him up.

Not unusual to be afraid of haircuts though.

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