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Potty training

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Leanne17 Thu 21-Jun-18 09:53:18

My son is 3 next month so I thought I’d try AGAIN to get him potty train.

Started Tuesday he did a wee and half a poo on the potty as well as a couple of accidents. He also kept running to it and shouting wee wee although not doing anything. Happy he knows what to do.

But yesterday every time I asked if he wants a wee/poo be gets angry. He knows if he has a accident as he will tell me.

Do I keep asking or let him lead? It’s frustrating as I have a baby too so trying to keep my eyes everywhere is proving hard work. Not too mention an older boy at school so school runs are a big test.

Any advice on how to get him used too it?

He has done a wee this morning on it after telling me and was very proud of himself so I obviously praised him.

I will continue with it as I definitely think he’s ready he just happens to be very strong willed and stubborn like daddy!


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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 21-Jun-18 18:29:53

I’d definitely continue. Things that helped us we’re:

Getting some books about potty training, your library will probably have a few.

Taking them shopping to buy “big boy” pants and letting them choose.

Going into the garden for as much of the day as possible with the potty.

Tonnes of praise.

Me reading this book smile

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