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Maxtry Tue 19-Jun-18 19:38:39

It will get better. My dd1 was a bit like this but once she started being a bit more active she was tired. Dd2 has a big nap in morning as she falls asleep in the pram during school drop off. This is of course at same time each day and i feel the routine if it has really helped. How are nights?

mum2bemay22 Tue 19-Jun-18 17:24:46

I became a first time mum to my little boy 7 weeks ago and all was going well until recently! My baby just does not sleep during the day at all 😭 he just cries and cries and I know full well it’s down to tiredness but no matter what I do he just won’t close his eyes! I try feeding him to get him off to sleep, I try taking him for a long walk in his pram, I try driving him around in his car seat, I try rocking him and cradling him, I try white noise, you name it, I’ve tried it (or so it seems)!! He has a dummy which I use when I put him down for naps but he will nap for 10-15 minutes then he is back wide awake again. Even the car doesn’t phase him and even if it does send him off, the minute I take him indoors; he isn’t up and awake again.
Feeling like I’m failing him somehow as I can’t seem to get him to settle well 😕. My husband is at work all day and I just feel like it’s taking its toll on me a little bit and I’m at my wits end. My parents aren’t always around to help out and my in laws aren’t the most helpful or willing to always put themselves out so I feel like I never get a break.
Does anyone have any advice or ideas? Or am I expecting too much from a 7 week old to just have a couple of naps a day at least 😫.
TYIA from a very very tired first time mama (be kind in the replies as I may cry if not lol)

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