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amylee95 Tue 19-Jun-18 16:25:55

Omg.. You poor thing I feel so bad for you, he can't help his adhd unfortunately but best thing you could probably do is reach out and go talk to someone about strategy's and ways to deal with him, as it sounds like it's wearing you down sad Hope you're ok, you're so strong good on you for trying your best it's hard work being a single mother! Hold in there x

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 19-Jun-18 16:01:35

That sounds so tough OP, are you getting any support with your mental health?

I can’t be of much help but there is a teenagers section on MN where you may get some more replies.

Try the Family Lives Helpline too, they might have sone suggestions of ways to help.

The ADHD Foundation may be able to help you too.

I’d talk to the school too, if you haven’t already.

TeenageHell Mon 18-Jun-18 22:27:20

Hello all
My DS13 ha recently been diagnosed with ADHD, he is currently taking Concerta 36mg and also suffers with anxiety.
Even before diagnosis and medication, he has been a nightmare at bedtime. He refused to go to sleep, come off screens etc. I have managed to get him off Xbox at 9pm but he says he needs his phone to watch YouTube to ' calm down and relax' 🙄
He absolutely refuses to give me his phone. He used to give it to me at 10pm, but would still have trouble settling and would be in and out of my room til midnight, having panic attacks, getting worked up, demanding his phone back etc.
I have given in a bit and just let him keep his phone as the battles were killing my mental health and making me so stressed and down, last thing at night when I'm exhausted.
I've tried switching the WiFi off, taking his phone anyway, removing his data...all this does is enrage him and he is banging at my door, coming in my room, shouting at me, switching lights on and off etc until I have to give in. We live in a block of flats and the neighbours must hate me 😩
He is a nightmare to get up in the mornings, is late to school, every morning is a battle.
I'm at such a loss as to what to do...I'm so anxious myself and on the verge of panic every bloody night...i don't know what to do and am desperately seeking some practical advice.
I am a single mum so it's just me and him and no one close by for support.
Thank you in advance xx

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