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My older two children never posted "stuff" into the toilet, so how come my 9 month old ds2...

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Wallace Wed 23-May-07 11:39:29

...has discovered the delights of this past-time already! I was having a lie-in this morning and came down to find a sponge and a tube of toothpaste in the toilet - dh hadn't even noticed

He started crawling 2 weeks ago, and pulling himself up last week, and already the boy knows how to cause chaos. Putting things in the loo at 9 months old - how advanced is that?

purpleturtle Wed 23-May-07 11:42:47


My 9 month old ds2 might hear you - and he's enough trouble already.

purpleturtle Wed 23-May-07 11:43:39

He's been crawling for 2 months, which was not what I had been banking on when I booked next week's camping trip.

Wallace Wed 23-May-07 11:45:32

LOL - they are hilariuos at this age

don't envy you camping, you'll have to hang your ds up from a tree or something to keep him out of mischief

purpleturtle Wed 23-May-07 11:48:14

Was hoping the travel cot would double as playpen, but am becoming increasingly dubious.

Last time we camped ds1 was 4 months and famously slept in a suitcase! He'd have been fine in that at 9 months as well because he didn't move at all till over 10 months. It really is absolutely staggering how different each child can be.

MrsLukaKovac Wed 23-May-07 11:49:22

my ds, now 3,3, until recently used to put all his action figures in the loo, which would float down slightly under the bend so I couldn't see them, and only noticed when I flushed that something wasn't quite right...his reasoning? Because they wanted to see the sea. He watched one episode of Come Outside which happened to be about sewage...he never threw anything in there when he was a baby!

purpleturtle Wed 23-May-07 11:50:57

Impressive reasoning, though.

Weegle Wed 23-May-07 14:35:19

Do you have a cat flap? That'll be next. Everything gets posted out the cat flap, normally on to the poor cat on the other side who is too scared to come in.

chipmonkey Wed 23-May-07 15:10:35

I have had lots of people tell me "The third is different"
Definitely true in our house. Ds3 escaped from the house twice at a year old and was found by neighbours. He is also very fond of the toilet as a means of disposal for all sorts of household items.

YeahBut Wed 23-May-07 15:24:27

Ds (yes, number 3) has posted his sister's school shoes down the loo, action figures out of the window and toys out through the letterbox. My mobile phone went missing from my handbag on Sunday evening and is still AWOL. Today I found him posting things into the kitchen bin. Suspect phone went the same way. All the rubbish went out for the collection on Monday am...

hellish Wed 23-May-07 15:31:04

my nephew was once found standing in the toilet, holding a cup containing some water and a poo

purpleturtle Wed 23-May-07 16:24:31

Funny you should say that, Weegle, ds2 did indeed discover the catflap this week. Fortunately, as we have no cat, it is covered up with cardboard for draught exclusion purposes, so nothing can be posted through it!

sohappyicouldcry Wed 23-May-07 16:37:19

I wouldn't be too sure purple, he might just surprise you and pull the cardboard off ! DON'T TURN YOUR BACK !!

Wallace Wed 23-May-07 20:01:56

ROFL at these I spot a pattern - is it a third baby cry for attention, perhaps?

No catflap luckily, but better watch my bin!

lilylilyrose Thu 24-May-07 14:33:03

Whenwe were small, my youngest sister (the 3rd child, coincidentally ) put her Very Hungry Caterpillar book in the toilet...she posted her shoes in the kitchen bin once too

My DH's brother was a nightmare child, and once flushed the family's holiday spending money down the loo...

Wallace Sat 03-Sep-11 20:52:34

Ha ha - he is 5 now and still causing chaos!!!!

michaelbooblie Sat 03-Sep-11 20:58:26

I have a 10m old DS2 (third child) who is a menace and into everything already.
Good to see that by the looks of things he is only starting as he means to go on!

Pfriend Sat 03-Sep-11 21:22:58

Apparently, I celebrated my first birthday by posting my brother's roller skates down the loo! grin

DillyTante Sat 03-Sep-11 21:39:12

Never worried about this sort of thing with DD1. DD2 put 3 loo rolls in the loo by 10 months. She also now likes posting things under the stair gate down the the stairs!

michaelbooblie Sat 03-Sep-11 21:53:39

DS likes to crawl under the nest of tables then gets stuck and screams. He likes to do this several times a day.
He also is continually trying to push out the loose wooden panel in one of the doors of our sideboard <must stop being lazy and fix it> wee bugger goes for it every time!
He can hear/smell food being prepared within seconds and is instantly at my feet looking up at me wanting a bit of what's on offer. We call him the food perv.

Poweredbypepsi Sat 03-Sep-11 22:06:24

funny you should say about third babies, I have never had any problems with my older two and toilets but dd3 not long ago walked into the kitchen holding what looked like a doll wrapped in a teatowel when i looked more closely she was in fact cradling one of her poos.

Jergens Sat 03-Sep-11 23:13:46

My friend's DS 15 mos, posted my daughter's Sophie the Giraffe down the toilet. She lost her squeak. sad

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