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10 Days Post 12 Month Vaccines - How much longer can this continue??

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Katearty Fri 15-Jun-18 00:17:43

Experiencing massive negative behaviour changes since the 12 month jabs which I’m assuming is down to MMR just wondering if people have any tips on how to ease the symptoms and also similar experiences. We go on holiday in four days and we are currently dreading the whole thing with him being like he is.

Here’s a run down of the last ten days as I just need to share my pain:-

Day 1: Woke up in the night with a temp of 38. Gave Calpol. Back to sleep and slept until 9.30am. He usually sleeps 8pm - 9am every night with no fussiness.

Day 2 + 3: Increased fussing during day. Nights all fine.

Day 4: Clingy and crying all day. Had a two hour nap but only with me cuddling him. This trend continues. Will not let me put him down for a nap unless I’m holding him.

Day 5: Nursery Day. Woke him up early to take him to Nursery. Screamed the entire time I was dressing him, on the journey, and when I dropped him off. Explained about the jabs. They emailed me during day saying he was much better after a nap. Collected him in the evening and he cried as soon as we got home but not normal crying... hysterical screaming which often led to throwing himself backwards. Nearly decided not to attend a family BBQ but in the end we gave him some Calpol and he was happy for most of the evening.

Day 6: Tantrums galore. The word “no” or infact anything said in a comanding tone will garentee a high pitched scream that we never though possible for such a young human being followed by arms above his head leading into a backwards flop which ensures we are on the receiving end of more screaming as his backflop tantrum usually causes him actual pain. Has a sleepover at my sisters. In the morning she informs me how perfect he’s been and how he’s slept the whole night through.hmm Figures.

Day 7: Now has a habit of attempting to throw himself out of our arms. Once out of our arms he screams even more as he actually wants to be cuddled. Will cuddle for no more than a couple of minutes before throwing himself out of the cuddle again... continuous cycle of cuddle, tantrum, screaming, cuddle... I’ve now text all of my ‘parent friends’ for advice. They tell me to get out more... increased trips to park and walks but doesn’t change his behaviour at home and I really don’t have the energy to walk round the town all day. Is this what terrible twos are like!??

Day 8: Wake him up at 10.30am as he shows no signs of waking of his own accord. Now has an obsession with randomly deciding he doesn’t like the food he was enjoying thoroughly 10 seconds earlier. Throws the food on the floor with an angry scream and then has a tantrum as he watches the dog eat it as he wants to eat it again now even though he’s just thrown it on the floor. Don’t you dare catch the food before it hits the floor... this only angers him further... even though he really wants to eat the food and will eventually accept it back and eat it! Now really beginning to worry about eating out on holiday.

Day 9: I’m in and out all day as I’m at meetings ect so Hubby takes the bulk of it today. He tells me he’s been a nightmare and gets himself into a mood. So now I have two grumpy boys to deal with. Come home from a meeting at 10pm and hubby informs me he’s been waking up often since he’s been put to bed. At 11pm he wakes up screaming so loudly and so primally that I’m sure he must be in agony. I wonder if it’s his teeth so give him some Calpol. He continues to be hysterical for 45 mins, is hot to touch and clammy, but his temp is 35.1!!! I check thermonitor on myself not believing the results as he’s hot and sweaty and my readings normal. Ring NHS direct for advice as what the heck do you do about a low temp (and what does it mean)? Wait an two hours for a call back during this time he’s happy and laughing then falls to sleep but when they call his temp has dropped to 34.8 so they tell me to take him to hospital and ask if I want an ambulance. We, of course, make our own way there. Luckily we are in and out within an hour. All obs are perfect and temp now 35.5 which is low side of normal. Doctor tells me from his symptoms it looks like he’s overheated which has resulted in his body going into a ‘cool down mode’ prob not helped by the Calpol I gave him thinking he was in pain. I have never heard of anything like this happening before but decide that he’s now sleeping only in nappies until summers over! confused We arrive back home at 4am and he refuses to go back into his cot so ends up in bed with us.

Day 10: The worst day yet. He’s obviously knackered from last nights hospital trip and so are we. Hubby has to take family leave from work as he starts at 5.30am so it would have been impossible for him to have work with no sleep. We manage to stay in bed till 11.30am but he cry’s all day and eats and drinks almost constantly. We take him for a walk after tea. Goes down easily but wakes up at 10pm and it takes us another 30mins to get him back down. At this point I cry and begin to wonder how much longer this can go on for!!! Hubby now thinks the behaviour he’s displaying is ‘learnt’ I’m still hoping that it’s down to the jabs.

Anyone have a similar experience after 12 month vaccinations? Any tips for our holiday if this behaviour continues into next week?

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