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3 month old pain

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Murphsxx Sun 10-Jun-18 20:49:05

Hi guys just looking for a bit of advice my little girl is 3 months old today and for the last month she’s been really struggling with bowel movements. She’s exclusively formula fed and for the last month has been going four days without having a bowel movement and then when she does have one it’s explosive. During the four day cycle any time she passes wind it’s extreamly smelly and it causes her pain (she screams and brings her knees to her chest). We’ve been the doctors to no avail they said checked for infection but there wasn’t one and said they couldn’t do an allergy test. She’s on aptimal formula. Just wondering if anyone else has had this.


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beccii161016 Sun 10-Jun-18 21:40:57

Oh bless poor little one!

Just out of interest, how is she feeding? Does she ever show any discomfort then?

We had this with DS. He had colic but we also changed from Aptamil to Cow & Gate and he seemed much better suited to that!

Murphsxx Sun 10-Jun-18 22:02:00

Thanks for the reply!

She’s fine taking her bottle, she does guzzle it. I tried to slow her down but she just would get upset when I took it off her.

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