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3yr old DS parenting book recommendations please

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barleyreed Tue 05-Jun-18 20:55:01

Hi all, I would be very grateful for any parenting book recommendations! Have a wonderful, bright, and wilful and occasionally very hard to control 3.3yr old DS1. Also a 7 month old DS2. Have seen various books recommended but would be grateful for any suggestions! Ideally one on how to manage behaviour, meltdowns etc Thank you smile

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insmithereens Tue 05-Jun-18 22:10:43

The Whole-Brain Child x

insmithereens Tue 05-Jun-18 22:11:21

Or Cathy Glass Happy kids but def the whole brain child first & foremost

barleyreed Tue 05-Jun-18 22:22:07

Thank you so much! I hadn't heard of that one, the Amazon reviews are brilliant! I will order a copy smile I think this is just what we both need! My DH and I really need more effective strategies in the heat of the moment!

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