Throwing plate on floor

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Hopskipjumping Fri 01-Jun-18 13:23:21

Dd is 20 months and continually throws her plate on the floor. Its resulted in seriously dirty walls and floors. She knows she shouldn't but seems to get extreme pleasure from doing so.

I will hold her plate so she cant throw it but the moment I let go or forget she will throw it whilst looking at me smiling.

She understands everything and I make her clean it up (although it just makes it worse as she can't clean it properly) and will say sorry.

Anything else I can do? Its literally driving me crazy. This morning her cereal was thrown everywhere and the dining room now needs painted as its so grubby looking.

Im thinking it may be worth while getting rid of the highchair and sitting her at the table although its a really big table so she would need to kneel or stand on the chair and not sure that will work.

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Thiswayorthatway Fri 01-Jun-18 14:28:50

Does the high chair have a tray? Serve suitable food on there (toast fingers, fruit instead of cereal for a while). If she throws the food take it calmly away. Repeat until she behaves. She will eat if hungry.

fluffyns Sun 03-Jun-18 19:58:36

My first ds did this constantly and I actually resorted to feeding him in the highchair on the lawn during warmer weather and resorted to placing all food on the tray attached to the highchair or in one of those bowls with the suction feet under.

dimples76 Mon 04-Jun-18 21:22:50

I used a suction bowl too - they do eventually get bored of it but I remember at the time feeling that the throwing food/crockery/cutlery phase would never end.

RideSallyRide76 Mon 04-Jun-18 22:25:42

Big wipe clean cloth on the floor.
No plate, spoonful of food at a time on the tray in front of him, once she starts throwing food say "ok lunch finished" and get her down. Offer food little and often in this way and she'll get it. Grit your teeth, they do grow out of it!!

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