Help dealing with daughters emotions/anger

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Gils Thu 31-May-18 13:57:16

Things with my 10 year old daughter seem to be getting worse.

She has always been quite headstrong even as a baby but her anger and attitude are just going of the scales just now. We (including her teacher) have sat her down and tried to talk to her but nothing is improving. She is falling out with friends, distracted in class (never been an issue in class before) and being really cheeky towards me with attitude to match.

The way she addresses her sister can be so hurtful sometimes and generally will just be mean.

Her teacher has spoken to her after she has fallen out with some of her closest frineds. Her teacher put some of it down to her maturing quicker (physically and emotionally than the girls). She is 10 but quite well developed and I’m sure she isn’t long of starting her period (I’ve had products in house for nearly a year to be ready). She has been pulled in again from playground at lunch today because she was calling a girl a name she didn’t like and then just got really angry (they could hear her shouting inside) and it took her a while to calm down.

I understand that hitting puberty age is hard and she will have a lot of new emotions to deal with but I need to find a way to help her before she damages all her friendships for good, school can be a hard place as it is without having no friends. We have spoke for hours about her feelings etc but nothing seems to help.

Anyone any tips?

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fluffyns Sun 03-Jun-18 20:09:05

Sorry to hear things are so hard for her atm, have you thought about taking her to speak to a counsellor? sometimes we all need a removed party to speak freely with, lots of things are changing in her body atm including her understanding of life at large and the world around her. Group dynamics can be very tricky and cause insecurities, being her cheerleaders and on her side is important...

fannyanddick Mon 04-Jun-18 23:00:05

Could you think of a sport she may enjoy. Getting properly into a sport can massively help aggression and help to pave a positive route through the teenage years. It could be a school sport or something more unusual - climbing, orienteering, boxing, running, ice skating, basketball, canoeing, table tennis. Anything that meets regularly and has an active youth group.

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