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Worried about my sons operation

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SpencersMumma Wed 30-May-18 17:00:17

Hiya Mummies.

I'm just wondering whether anybody else's son has had to have the operation regarding undescended testicles. Both of my sons will need to be operated on. He was born in September 2016 and we was told he'd need to have them sorted by aged 1. To now be told it needs to be sorted by aged 2. Me and my partner feel like we've been lied to several times, the appointments have been messed up so so many times to the extent of getting solicitors involved.
I've had to ring up hospitals and doctors etc.. To get my son his appointments.

His last appointment was 23rd February and we still haven't received a date for his operation. (he's 2 in 3 and a half months). I rung the hospital yesterday to see what was going on, and still nothing.

Has anybody else had any issues like this and what did you do? As you can probably imagen I'm feeling really anxious about my little baby boy having to be operated on, I'm getting more stressed about not even knowing a date to prepare for.

Please, if anybody has anything related and any idea as to how I can get this sorted I'd be so grateful.

Thank you for reading.

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LotsToThinkOf Sat 02-Jun-18 22:23:58

I hope you've had more success from the hospital regarding dates and information over the few days since you posted this. I wanted to reply as my son also had this issue although it was one rather than both, and at the time I felt that he'd been forgotten about and basically ignored until I marched to to hospital one day to demand answers.

My son was diagnosed at birth and I was also told 1 year and then 2, it seems that 2 years is the usual age as they like to give things a chance to sort themselves out. My son had an ultrasound when he was 18 months after I pushed for something to be done, I'd been requesting this for around a year at that point because we didn't know if it was undescended or whether it was just not there. I felt that they were fobbing me off, how did they expect things to sort themselves out if they didn't even know if it was there in the first place?

Anyway, an ultrasound was inconclusive so they organised an exploratory operation whereby they would either bring it down if it was there, tie the short blood vessels to cut the blood supply off to allow it to be brought down if it was tied, or to ascertain that it definitely wasn't there. More phonecalls, communications etc and they eventually sent us an appointment and the operation was done.

They found that it was there but the vessels were short, so they were 'strangled' and left it with the plan that they would give it 3 or 4 months and then bring it down in a second operation. They then left us 6 months, despite lots of phonecalls and emails asking for a date. One day I marched down to the hospital, ended up getting hysterical with worry that things were going to be made worse by the first procedure being made worse by not being followed up. The consultant agreed to see us, and explained that it was fine but he'd organise a date for us which he did.

The second operation was done, the testicle was brought down and my son recovered quite quickly but the bruising was more severe than I was expecting. We just kept up the painkillers for as long as we could but he wasn't bothered by any of it. He then had a follow up after 3 months when they deemed it a success and sent us on our way. All we've been told is that we have to make sure there is nothing abnormal going on and if there is we have to see our GP.

So all in all, it was fine in the end, but the stress from the way it was all so lax was awful. Please keep making a fuss and demanding a response. I'm not sure if any of this helps but thought it might be good to know that it seems to be common, both the issue and the way in which its dealt with. My son is almost 6 and has been fine ever since, he was 18 months when the ultrasound was done and then 2years 6 months when the first operation was done and 3 when the second one was done.

SpencersMumma Sun 03-Jun-18 10:53:26


Thank you so much for your reply. It has helped and its nice to know I'm not on my own with how I'm feeling.
We still haven't had any news and I'm fed up with how we are being treated. It's as if the hospital doesnt care about my sons health or well being.
We was offered an ultrasound and the doctor sent the request over to that department, I kept ringing up to see when the appointment would be booked for. The woman told me yes we have an appointment for the results of the ultrasound? I said that's not right because we've not even had one, she said oh yes, I can see the request we sent it has been rejected. And why was that? We still have no idea, and we havent got any further than being offer the appointment.
Me and my partner have had solicitors involved, PALS team etc.. But we've now agreed if he has not had his op before he is literally 2 years old we will be suing every single doctor we have seen about our son that refused to give us a straight answer.

The hospital now have 3 months left. We are furious! But I'm so pleased your little lad is happy, with not a care in the world! I do think it's awful that they made you wait for so long though, but at least he's sorted now.

Thanks again for replying.

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Benandhollysmum Sun 03-Jun-18 10:57:27

I can’t help you as I have daughters, but contact the ombudsman when my stepfather was being messed about with dates ect he contacted them and he ended up getting his op done privately so the ombudsman went in his favour...that’s what the ombudsman are there for to listen to you and to fight your corner!!

Benandhollysmum Sun 03-Jun-18 11:03:15

PS make sure you have proof of everything hospital and doctors have said by way of letters ect...they are usually the last resort u turn to but they generally kick the nhs up the arse to get things done, they are above the nhs and take all complaints seriously..

SpencersMumma Sun 03-Jun-18 13:18:38

Hi BenAndHollysMum,

Thanks for your message, that's great I've not heard of them before but I will certainly have a look into them and see if they can help us. And yes I've got every single letter and discussion that's been said about my son, so hopefully they can help.

Thanks again!

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Benandhollysmum Sun 03-Jun-18 14:27:28

THeres different ones ull have heard of them just wouldn’t be sure what they’s the medical one your looking for I said they are last resort if all avenues have been blocked and you feel you’re being messed about

SpencersMumma Sun 03-Jun-18 17:27:00

I'm giving the hospital until my sons 2nd birthday, if nothings been done I'll be suing those that are responsible. We have been messed about since he has been born, I have used every manager possible, Pals, solicitors etc.. So I think we have every right to take this further. Thanks again for your help.

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