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How old were your DC when you stopped using plastic plates and cups...

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BingTheButterflySlayer Sat 02-Jun-18 11:24:06

Still use them now aged 5 and 6 - the kids periodically request new ones in the supermarket with whatever character they're into now.

My younger is very dyspraxic and I can't afford the crockery bill - plus the main reason I use them is that DH struggles dishing out sensible portions so the smaller plates for portion control help keep that in check.

blinkineckmum Thu 31-May-18 05:54:25

Never used them. Ds & dd aged 4 & 2 have broken 2 plates between them ever.

frasier Wed 30-May-18 15:49:44

Thanks both.

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ChocDollyMixture Wed 30-May-18 15:39:38

At dinner time I give my 2.6 year old a normal bowl but it's quite heavy so doesn't spin around the table as he eats from it. It's inexpensive so won't be upset if it gets broken yes I will they're fantastic 'all-rounder' bowls grin, they allow him to eat from them better than his baby bowls.
Cups - still the plastic ones. He can drink from the porcelain mugs when he's old enough to buy his own (i.e. not throw mug around grin!!)

Socrates73 Tue 29-May-18 09:12:47

Ds 5 still has his Thomas the tank engine plate but more from habit than need, he's capable of being given ordinary plates. I think the same as you, about 3 ish we started being able to give ordinary mugs, glasses, plates etc. He's never broken anything.

frasier Tue 29-May-18 00:39:44

“...makes plating up so easy.”

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frasier Tue 29-May-18 00:29:12

...if you used them at all?

Just emptied the dishwasher and it occurred to me that DC (3) doesn’t need them anymore. He hasn’t dropped anything for ages! He’s liable to leave a cup in a strange place or on the floor though, so will keep the beakers for a while.

I must admit that I’ll miss the little compartment plates though, makes Plato g up so easy!

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