How did early intervention in ASD help your child?

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Mummyoftwo28 Mon 28-May-18 20:44:18

Wondering at what age did your child get early intervention, and what kind of things did they help with?

Also, how long is the process for getting help? Can it be done privately to cut out waiting time?

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BackforGood Mon 28-May-18 22:41:15

I think the more that people understand, at a younger age, then the more people can try different interventions and strategies to see if they work for that child.
Can range from intensive interaction, or PECS, or using visual cues or so many other things, depending on their needs.
Being aware of sensory differences and making adjustments can really make a huge difference. Depends what you mean by 'an intervention'.
There needn't be any delay in making adjustments, if your child attends somewhere where they have knowledge / experience. There are, though, sadly long waiting lists for appointments with SaLTs, OTs, etc. Yes, paying privately will often get you specific advice quicker.

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