Tweeny 9 year old daughter

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astoundedgoat Fri 25-May-18 18:41:52

My 9 year old has a whole lot of stuff going on in her head right now, and is veering wildly between being her usual giddy, cheery and loving self and being complete bag of cats, snapping at everyone and throwing major strops for no discernible reason. It's all great fun, especially for her little sister. hmm

She has no physical signs of early puberty beyond smelly armpits which they're all getting in her class now (and discussing with great amusement) and she's as skinny as ever, but she's getting the odd spot and quite a lot of small blackheads on her nose etc.

She's not remotely interested in this - I can barely interest her in the armpit thing, but is there anything gentle that I can offer her to head off spots early and keep her skin clear? Has anything changed in the last 30 years since I was her age - any super easy miracle product for very young skin?

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