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Growth spurt or gaviscon

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Feiron Thu 24-May-18 12:57:51

I havent posted on here before , but reading posts on here did get me through pregnancy. My Lb is 9 weeks and 4 days born via emergency c section. He was three days over his EDD.

My lb has silent reflux and two days ago was prescribed gaviscon. So yesterday he was very content napping more than usual and drinking lots of milk(formula aptimil anti reflux). I just thought he was enjoying this as it wasnt hurting him anymore. He was also napping more.

Anyway this pattern continued into the night. He usually goes to bed at 7 then wakes at 10.30 for a feed then 2. Then every 2 hours after that but im ok with that as im not expecting him to sleep as hes a baby and still only small. And this was progress to what it was.

Last night he woke almost every hour for a feed. He seems generally happy in himself just cannot be filled. I did have a bit of a cry this morning as i was and am just exhausted by it all.

They do have growth spurts at 9 weeks dont they and its not just the gaviscon? What are peoples experience of gaviscon?smile thankyou xxx

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