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I know he's very young, but help me with my 5 week old please?! Tell me your "routines"

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WhyTheHeckMe Tue 22-May-18 12:49:51

This is dc2 and I know 5 weeks is nothing but he's so different from my 1st.
Ds1 was breastfed on demand and slept in my arms day and night for 4 months, but he hardly slept to be honest.
Ds2 wouldn't take to breast at all so he is formula fed.
He is feeding every 1.5 - 2 hours, but is so sleepy he only ever takes around 2oz. He then falls immediately back to sleep. At night he wakes at around 3am and is wide awake then till 6am.
My husband gets up at 6 for work which then wakes dc1 so basically we can't go back to sleep! So my day is starting at 3am.
During this 3 hour awake time he is not crying, whinging or anything. He has a feed then just won't go back to sleep now matter what I try. I've tried rocking, swaddling, cosleeping, pushchair, dummy. He just lies there completely awake but not willing to not have attention if that makes sense.
I feel like this is because he is asleep all day. Honestly I think during the hours of 8am and 11pm he's awake for a total of around 1 hour! I can't seem to stimulate him.
Everything I read says give him a feed of around 4 or 5oz every 3 hours, followed by awake time and then a nap.
He is dozing off on his bottle so not getting awake time.
Please help!

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