5 year old and 2 year old .... behaviour is becoming almost constantly bad!

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user1464795209 Mon 21-May-18 17:07:37

Hi everyone smile
So I have a 5 year old ds and a 2 and half year old Dd.
Both of my children seem to be very challenging when it comes to behaviour . I love them both to bits obviously but I just am starting to feel down about the constant whinging and moaning from my 5 yeAr old . I have tried ignoring it - which doesn’t seem
To work . He is acting very rude also , not saying hello to people and answering very rudely to normal questions like ‘how are you ‘ ... I’m just confused and hoping it’ll get easier. I do one on one time with both kids and really just think they both are quite ‘difficult ‘ in terms of behaviour .
My 2 year old is very stubborn and screams/ cries a lot of the day mostly for no reason at all . For example she wants a snack I get it she then says no screams and when I take it she cries more screaming ‘ I want it ‘ I give it back and she chucks it ..... this is with a lot of situations for her . Her and her brother argue so much too . He winds her up and she then cries / shouts etc and it’s like this a lot of the time!
Any advice?

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Lushmetender Mon 21-May-18 20:17:14

Hi I’ve got 3 children and interested to hear replies. I’ve had challenges to a certain extent with all but my youngest’s behaviour (5 year old!) is becoming awful. Until a couple of months ago she was lovely but she is becoming a horror. So much so the after school clubs are increasingly telling me she is becoming a problem. Do kids go through a phase at this age? Testing the boundaries or what? I do notice her behaviour gets worse when she’s hungry. She eats like a horse but is thin as a lat. examples include crying uncontrollably when she doesn’t get her own way. So op you are by no means alone but Interested in hearing your stories of this age group. Op - your two year old I understand but when they get to five, I’m a bit clueless even with two that have gone before.

BotBotticelli Thu 24-May-18 00:14:19

Hi OP I have a 5yo and an almost 3yo (both boys) and I could have written your post. It is such hard work at the moment!

Also mine fight all the time and argue about everything.

Fucking exhausting.

Can i recommend wine?

SlumMumBum Sun 27-May-18 19:03:45

I have the exact same age gap with two girls. Separately they are both fine (with the usual toddler tantrums/tired outbursts). Together they are absolutely catastrophic. They fight constantly, and wind each other up. My 5yo has turned into a bit of an attention seeker and I'm sure some of it is in reaction to her sister becoming less of a baby and more competition for her.

My husband and I usually divide and conquer as it's the only way we can get a bit of peace, but I would love a bit more family time as a foursome.

Nothing really to add except offer tea and sympathy!

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