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Someone please talk to me about sicky babies and / or prescribed formula

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Blonde4281 Tue 15-May-18 19:55:45

My 16 week old is on the prescribed milk formula Similac Alimentum. She’s thought to be cows milk protein intolerant after trialing regular Aptamil when first born, then soya, then lactose free. All made her almost instantly chesty and wheezy. She had conjunctivitis often and gritty nappies. Her weight gain was slow. She now is much better on the milk protein free formula except she brings soo much of it back up. She’s always been a sicky baby but I’m changing her outfit in between every feed (just before next bottle) as she is soaked. All down her back, all down her front. You can actually ring out her bibs and muslins they are that wet. It’s really getting me down. I’m yet to see what her weight is doing as she has been on this milk three weeks and when I was hoping to get her weighed my son was off school poorly.
Any experience anyone? She is pretty content really. Not in any discomfort....

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Aprilviolet Wed 16-May-18 17:43:13

Hi, your not alone my daughter was the same! Also prescribed the same! She's 14weeks now! The doctors gave her infant gaviscon! As she has silent reflux! What was causing sickness and her to look like she was chocking! As the milk would run back up! They also prescribe our little one a inhaler, as she gets quite bad sometimes! But talk to the doctor about it all! I also put 1 extra scoop in her milk to make it thicker so it's not so runny and stays in! Bless them! Hope everything goes okay! X

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