Baby won't let burps out!

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MistyBxx Thu 10-May-18 05:11:10

My dd is 10 weeks old and EBF. Despite everyone saying "breastfed babies don't need winding so much" it's not true for us! My let down is fast and she's a guzzler and has lots of wind after eating. The problem is, she doesn't let it out.
In the daytime it's not so bad, a few minutes walking and patting and she usually brings it up and out quickly as she's awake, but in the night, she's a good girl and sleeps well at the moment but this is terrible for burping because she's like a ragdoll, floppy and outers and just won't burp.
I hear and feel the wind coming up her back and chest so I know it's there, getting it "up" isn't the problem but it lodges in her throat and she squeaks and wiggles in her sleep but won't let it out! I've even tried squeezing her cheeks to make her mouth open to let it out but it doesn't work! It's so stressful because she eats fast and effectively drains my boobs in about ten minutes, is satisfied and full and falls straight back to sleep but I spend the next hour rubbing, patting, walking, bouncing, frustrated listening to the air in her little body and not being able to get it out! Sometimes I give up and lie her back down and I feel it and hear it bubbling away and feel guilty as she squirms in her cot and I know it's uncomfortable so I pick her back up hoping the lying-to-upright move helps, the air comes shooting up and stops at her throat again 😩 honestly I rub and pat and bounce her so vigorously sometimes and I'm worried I'm going to injure her, her head is bouncing away 🙈 I've tried every move, style and position of winding and it doesn't work. Everything online is about getting the wind to release and come up, which isn't the problem with us, her wind comes up easily, but she doesn't let it out so these big air bubbles go up and down her and it looks so uncomfortable 😣
If I just can't burp her after an hour or so, I end up giving up and put her back in her cot and we either don't get much sleep because she's fidgeting or when we wake next, she's vomited quietly in her sleep (which worries me because of choking etc!!!). I'm knackered, not because she won't sleep but because she won't burp!! Anyone else have this problem and find a solution? She doesn't have colic and hates all medicine so want to avoid infacol/gripe water if possible x

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anxiousmumma12 Thu 10-May-18 09:09:30

This is normal.
Honestly the western world has a fascination for making babies burp.
Babies are noisy sleepers . It may not even be wind .
Just lay her down and if asleep leave her

Needmorehands Thu 10-May-18 09:31:25

Have you tried drinking fennel tea? It was first recommended to me for milk supply, which it doesn't sound like you need, but also helps with baby's wind

tiktok Thu 10-May-18 09:52:44

Blimey - you're making it hard work! Everyone has wind in their tummies at all times. All babies wriggle and squirm and make noises when asleep or awake. It doesn't mean they're bothered by wind. How about just letting her be smile ? An hour rubbing and patting is a waste of time.

Babies do sometimes get bothered by wind, but less and less as they get older, and it doesn't sound as if your baby is bothered at all.

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