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My children are SO loud

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Tiredandtorn Sun 06-May-18 08:20:14

My kids are 3 (dd) and 5 (ds) years old. They’re good kids who play well together and are both thriving at pre-school and school.

However, when they’re together, they are sooooo loud. Not necessarily arguing, as the do play well together most of the time, but just always shouting. It’s driving DH and I insane and now that summer has finally arrived and they’re playing outside, I’m sure the neighbours will be complaining.

DH and I don’t shout at home, we’re pretty quietly spoken I’d say. We never having a shouting row at each other so the kids deafening communication with each other isn’t something that they’ve seen and copied.

Both their hearing is fine too - they’d hear a sweet being opened a mile off 😂

Any thought on how to get them to quieten down?

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 06-May-18 09:48:01

Any thought on how to get them to quieten down? sheer bloody exhaustion I’d say at that age OP. Can you take them swimming? The noise levels won’t matter and it will hopefully tire them out a little.

Don’t worry too much about them being oily outside either, well as long as you’re not letting them outside at silly o’clock on a Sunday morning.

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