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BettyRolyTagHappyNorrie Thu 03-May-18 16:46:36

My DS just turned 4 and has always been very interested in numbers. He enjoys number puzzles and games, things like Numberblocks on CBeebies. He also reads very well, and seems to have a good memory for words/signs/logos.

But for the last week or so his counting has been so intense. He mutters numbers under his breath, counts words/pictures on a page, stairs he walks up, patterns, constantly. He asks things like ‘what’s two plus seven?’ sits and counts numbers on his fingers, and even while ‘relaxed’ (so sat watching telly for example) he will just randomly start counting. It’s extremely distracting and when he does it he is almost in a trance, won’t answer questions or talk until he’s reached whatever number he wants to count to.

Has anyone had similar? He just seems so tightly wound up all the time, his brain constantly fizzing with information.

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Benandhollysmum Fri 04-May-18 21:54:27

He’s very intelligent for his age. Apart from his constant counting is there anything else your concerned with? If so speak to a health visitor

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 05-May-18 08:16:59

If he’s that bright are yiu giving him plenty to think about? My DS is a bit of a numbers whizz and we had to keep his mind busy most of the time. Is he getting plenty of exercise too, preferably outdoors?

BettyRolyTagHappyNorrie Sat 05-May-18 19:28:43

Hm, no other concerns really. He’s very bright and confident and is popular at nursery but can be quite intense, when he’s friends with someone, and will worry if his favoured friend plays with someone else for example. But nothing else I can think of. He does also very much like trains, and went through a period of being very seriously into Thomas the Tank, but the numbers have edged Thomas out for now!

jilted he’s definitely a child who needs some time outside, the recent rubbish weather hasn’t helped with that but I do intend to get out and about more which should be easier now it’s so nice. Besides that, we do a gym class and he’s just started swimming. For number activities he’s got some magnetic numbers/letters that he likes to play with, we play snakes and ladders, dominos, and some of the Orchard Games, but if you know of anything else he would like please let me know! smile

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 06-May-18 08:35:08

Mine liked outdoor chalks to play noughts and crosses with and to write numbers with, or just a paint brush and some water to write the numbers with.

You can also collect things on a walk like pebbles, get him to wash them (that will keep him busy for a bit), write numbers on down on a card and get him to put the number of pebbles/leaves by the card. So if the card says 5 he can line up five objects by it. You could also use dried pasta or Pom poms.

Have you thought about teaching him chess too?

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