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4 year old wetting himself

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luckymummy81 Wed 02-May-18 16:37:18

My son took to potty training really well just before he was 3 and rarely had accidents. He is now 4.5 and starting school in September and started having accidents almost daily about 8 months ago.

I'm losing the plot over it! I ask him to go to the loo and he says "I haven't got any" or goes to the bathroom and says he's trying but nothing comes out and then 5 mins later he'll wet himself. Not enough for a puddle on the floor but enough to show through his trousers iyswim.

I don't think there is a medical issue I think it's just laziness - as he sometimes goes a week or 2 with no accidents but he'll just leave it til the very last minute before going.

I've tried reward charts, punishing him, ignoring it and nothing I do seems to work.

Any advice???

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GoneAreTheDays Wed 02-May-18 17:21:08

I wish! I came to this board to post something similar. My 4yo DD has started doing this. She is dry in the day at school, and she is often dry at weekends and during school holidays. But when she comes home, she sits on the sofa and watches telly and ends up wetting herself. I have started doing 'toilet time' but tonight, despite having two toilet times, she has wet herself again!

I too have had enough and don't think there is a medical issue. I think I need to start jotting down days and times to see if I see a pattern.

I feel your pain, and hopefully someone comes on with advice.

P.S. My daughter also poos herself sometimes too!

luckymummy81 Wed 02-May-18 17:59:17

It's so frustrating isn't it? I know he can do it he's just been lazy!

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Toasttea Wed 02-May-18 22:46:46

Do you think he’s worried about something? Maybe about starting school?

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