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Baby 6 and a half weeks and still not sitting

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Bex1517 Tue 01-May-18 11:47:49

Hi there

My second baby is now 6 and a half months and still not even close to sitting. Is this normal? My first baby was much quicker.... every time I do sit him up and sit and hold him he throws up, he also does this when he has tummy time

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BITCAT Tue 01-May-18 12:25:07

My 3rd son didnt sit until he was almost 12mths. Its not too much to worry about..all babies are different but i would be a little worried about the being sick.
Id perhaps speak to the health visitor and get some advice, maybe book in to speak to a doctor.

Bex1517 Tue 01-May-18 15:42:46

@BITCAT thanks for that. Glad you realised I meant 6 months and not weeks like my typo in the title. Doh! He does have a cows milk allergy and has been a sicky baby. Ooo 12 months.. I read usually between 5-7 hence the panic! Thanks for that tho smile

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NoKnit Tue 01-May-18 18:55:13

Usual ist about 9 months I think, just after crawling and don't out then into sitting position just let them sit themselves

BITCAT Tue 01-May-18 22:04:49

Yes i think 9mnths is the average. But my 3rd was behind on everything..he did it all eventually just later than others. 18mths before he started walking properly.
Just be patient they will do it when they are ready.

Bex1517 Wed 02-May-18 10:56:42

Thanks @BITCAT and @NoKnit I think cause my oldest is 3 and doing lots himself I'm trying to push baby to do more.

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