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When are babies supposed to be able to reach with their hand

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Sk1208 Mon 30-Apr-18 17:54:53


My baby reached dangling toys with his legs instead of hands. He is 13 weeks now and still not interested to reach gym stuff except with his legs.. but if I put something really close to this hand he might occasionally hold it but Definately doesn’t come naturally.

Should I be worried ? When do they start ?

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anxiousmumma12 Mon 30-Apr-18 19:46:38

I don't remember exactly when my dd did this but I think around 5.5 months

starpatch Mon 30-Apr-18 20:57:54

initially they just bat randomly with their hands. then they will occasionally grasp something randomly there is a grasp reflex I think that helps. Then gradually over few weeks they learn how to do this on purpose. Mine was four months when this process started I think.

Toasttea Tue 01-May-18 13:35:49

My son is 4 months and he’s started to reach out and grab.

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