2 year old and veg

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Jordan4531 Tue 24-Apr-18 11:37:47

I know kids can be fussy eaters, but my toddler won't eat any veg except peas, sweet corn and plain beans. She refuses anything else. I never had that with my now 7 year old who has always eaten everything except mushrooms, onions and tomatoes. How has anyone else tackled the fussy eater, I'm hoping that if I just keep putting them on her plate and not make a fuss she'll eventually just eat the veg and salad

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tomhazard Tue 24-Apr-18 19:36:11

Don't worry too much, peas sweet corn and beans is a good start! Serve what you normally serve, keep putting veg on the plate and give her a multivitamin in the mean time.

Other things you could try are savoury pancakes with grated courgette, macaroni cheese with frozen spinach stirred in, bolognese made with lentils tomato sauce and grated carrot. My fussy 2 year old eats all of these willingly!

Jordan4531 Wed 25-Apr-18 17:19:30

@tomhazard I might have to try the hidden veg route. It's just alien to me as my eldest has always been wonderful with veg.
My 2 year old eats ANY fruit so I know she's getting some nutrients through them but I just wish she'd eat a carrot now and then grin

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Babdoc Wed 25-Apr-18 19:41:12

I used to play a game called "Queen of the broccoli" with my DDs when they were toddlers. If they objected to eating their green veg, I would tell them they could leave it all except for the one piece that was the Queen.
In order to identify a piece, they had to put it in their mouth,and I would then pretend to make it talk. The first piece might ramble on about mowing the royal lawn, and they would guess he was the gardener. After swallowing him, they could try another bit, who would perhaps boast about his troops (the general). They never seemed to twig that it was always the LAST piece of broccoli who shrieked in a posh accent and told them they wouldn't dare eat her, and "Don't you know who I am?!" etc - the Queen of the broccoli!
The game adapted to "Queen of the Sprouts", "Queen of the Asparagus" and so on, depending on what was for dinner.
The more the vegetables shouted at them and refused to be eaten, the keener my DDs were to chew them up!
Eventually, they'd eaten so many green vegetables, and had fun, they got to like the taste and ate them without needing to play games.

Hohofortherobbers Fri 27-Apr-18 18:11:15

This is excellent!!! I am SO doing this!!!

Jordan4531 Sat 28-Apr-18 13:27:49

@Babdoc that's a brill game but my daughter only turns 2 tomorrow really so I doubt she's ready to start guessing occupations. Definitely stealing it for when she's a tiny bit older though

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