DS not letting anyone else have food!

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keepthepeace Sun 22-Apr-18 14:47:22

At Easter stupid DP stole a piece of DS's (3.5 years) Easter egg as he was walking past. DS went ballistic. Fair enough, it was his egg. DP's reaction was "Well it's only a bit of chocolate and that's what dads do" angry meaning that is what nasty FIL did to him.

DP is paying for it now.

Ever since, if there is something on the table that DS particularly likes to eat - banana, any fruit really, crisps when he's allowed, cheese and crackers... he will not share! He wants all to himself.

We had a picnic outside today in the garden, there was a good choice of fruit. DS decided no one except him could have any bananas or apples. We had to come back in again in the end because we were disturbing the neighbours with the racket!

When I'm alone with DS, he often offers to share his food (I'm low carb so don't actually want it!) but if DP is around (DP is DS's father) it's a different story.

PLEASE does anyone have any suggestions on how to cope with this. I've tried communal plates, sharing games, making sure everyone has a choice and is equal... nothing is helping. He's fine when we have something like spaghetti for dinner and everyone has the same, it tends to be with snack type food that DS is possessive. DS is a kind sweet little boy, this is the worst behavior we have from him. He usually doesn't even eat what he doesn't want anyone else to eat. It may be a stage he would have gone through anyway (is it?) or it may have been triggered by stupid DP taking his treat.

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keepthepeace Sun 22-Apr-18 15:23:12

hopeful bump

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absolutelycrackers Sun 22-Apr-18 16:59:55

Well it's your partners fault .
Can't say I blame your son . Good for him !

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 22-Apr-18 20:21:50

Taking chocolate from a child is a really shit thing to do. Honestly though, I’d just ignore it for now. Serve everyone their share for a few weeks before you go back to helping yourselves.

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