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Baby Sensory... Overload! Is it really worth it?

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Smurftastic Fri 20-Apr-18 17:32:18

Encouraged by extremely positive reviews from my whole NCT group, I booked myself and DD for baby sensory. I really didn't like it! It was packed to the brim with about 20 (or so it seemed) mums plus babies, loud and so full on I nearly needed to lie down afterwards.
I can't see how a 5 month old child should cope with it. My DD was difficult to settle for the rest of the day after the class.
She 'only' cried near the end of the class, undoubtedly from overstimulation, but spend the whole session staring blankly and drooling. I feel like it would have been much better if the amount of activities was halved, and I don't think we needed music, bubbles, glowing lights and the group leader waving toys around at the same time!
I know sometimes the quality of the class is down to the group leader, but she seemed very nice and enthusiastic. I managed to withdraw my place and get a refund, but I'm questioning myself whether it was the right decision.
Every single mum I spoke to and mentioned Baby Sensory absolutely loved it. Would my daughter begin to like it after a few sessions?
She's usually very happy and loves to be sang to and tickled and enjoys toys that make noise.
We're going to baby sign and sign and I will probably sign us up for some baby rhytm classes soon, but will limit any classes to about 2x a week.
I'm wondering if Baby Sensory is better for older babies instead? I just don't feel like I want to scare my child for £7 an hour!
Thanks for your opinions!

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AlfieandAnnieRose Fri 20-Apr-18 20:35:10

Baby sensory can definitely be full on! You know your baby well and it sounds like it was a bit too much for her, understandably.
There seems to be an unspoken rule that you must take your baby to baby sensory and baby massage and sign classes and swimming etc or you’ll be missing out! Well it’s entirely up to you how you spend your days together. I waited til my baby was 6 months before taking him to a baby group and then I followed his cues as to whether he was enjoying it or not. So don’t feel you have to go back. Maybe the baby rhythm or signing classes will be more gentle. Also a lot of baby classes are limited to a certain number as a room of 20 mums plus babies is a lot!

Blondemother Sat 21-Apr-18 13:03:29

I did a similar sounded class and stopped after the second - it was too intense for me and my baby hated it!
At 5 months she got much more out of sitting on a blanket looking at trees in the park or going round the supermarket with me looking at things.

If a baby enjoys it, great, but I don’t think classes are necessary for entertainment or development. Go with your instincts and save your money!

FinnMcMissile Sat 21-Apr-18 22:38:40

I didn't like it either. I did like sing an sign though - much more calm and gentle and hopefully teaches them something useful.

Smurftastic Sun 22-Apr-18 21:28:00

I've signed up for sign and sing, maybe it won't be as packed... hopefully my DD will like it better! I'm glad I'm not the only one who disliked Baby Sensory, I just don't get the hype hmm. Does anyone have any experience with classes like Jo Jingles? Is it similar to sign and sign, just without signing?? I'd go for this one too, but not if they are too similar.

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angelopal Mon 23-Apr-18 15:32:12

Not done sing and sign but have done Jo Jingles. It's singing with different props. The classes I have been to have included shakers, sticks to hit together, soft toys and parachute with various items on it. Bubbles near the end.

Currently on 2nd round of classes with DC2. Though with any baby class the person running it makes all the difference.

ChocDollyMixture Tue 24-Apr-18 15:50:32

I went to Baby Sensory when my son was 8months old. I LOVED it...but it wasn't for me and my DS just sat and stared! I stayed the course as it got us out of the house and I made friends but I didn't go back and can't say it was essential for my child's development.

If honest - babies get just as much sensory stimulation by going out for a walk and with your talking to them and involving them in your activity. As Blondemother says - a trip to the supermarket is just as stimulating.
So no, you're haven't done the wrong thing at all. I haven't bothered taking my 2nd child to Baby Sensory as she gets just as much sensory stimulation from her older (now 2 years old) brother running & playing, so if your DD has older siblings - that's also just as much of an interest for her.

FoxgloveStar Fri 27-Apr-18 16:08:26

I wasn’t a big fan. Below 6 months he just wanted to BF the whole time and above 6 months he just would crawl off. I was the mum chasing my kid around or BF uncomfortably on the floor the whole time while everyone else was having sensory glittery bonding time.

libm127 Tue 01-May-18 10:49:00

I definitely started some classes like BS and baby swimming too young. We started Hartbeeps at around 6 months and DS loved it. I think he was more ready for it. I also think HB is a bit slower than BS and has “quiet time” built in at the end.

Smurftastic Tue 01-May-18 12:30:10

Thank you for your opinions! It really helped me feel less guilty, seeing I'm not the only one whose LO didn't get on with baby sensory. We've now been to Sign and Sign and Jo Jingles, and I'm happy to say that we'll continue going there grin. They were both slower paced, although Jo Jingles was quite loud, but in a musical way! Now, I could use learning how to sing a bit better myself, but I guess that's inevitable wink!

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Ozgirl75 Thu 03-May-18 13:48:43

Don’t worry, we don’t even have this one australia and our kids are turning out fine. To be honest, everything for babies under about 2 is really for parents anyway, so just do what you most enjoy, whether that is swimming, library, singing, going to cafes or staying at home. The effect on the baby going forward is negligible though, so don’t force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy.

JadedJude Sun 05-Jan-20 20:28:53

OzGirl75...the voice of reason - well said smile
Not worth all the stress, is it, for new mums? Babies can only absorb so much and they will all find their own level at their own pace. So all the classes won't make any difference in the end.
Just chill and enjoy time with the baby. Time goes so quickly.

surreygirl1987 Tue 07-Jan-20 21:54:57

Haha I totally get that! I was one of those new mums that took my baby to everything... baby sensory... baby swimming... baby music... baby yoga... ha! I caused myself a LOT of stress! My poor little boy hates pretty much everything- I guess it was too much for him. He was okay ish with Jingle Bugs (a calmer baby music class). He's not almost 15 months and much better in those classes now though still a bit temperamental. But he goes to nursery now so I feel like he gets sensory stuff and art and crafts etc there anyway. Basically just do what suits you and your baby. I felt like a failiure when all my NCT friends were doing these courses together over mat leave... but babies are all so different and there's no point forcing it or doing it for the sake of it. Plus they're so expensive!! This stuff wasn't around when we were babies (or at least wasn't the norm!) and we all survived without it smile

AssangesCat Wed 08-Jan-20 19:37:41

I get to hear a lot about what is good for babies' and children's development through my job and I can safely say baby will not be disadvantaged in life by failing to attend baby sensory. As Ozgirl75 has wisely said, at this age it it mostly for the parents anyway, so do whatever you enjoy and don't find terribly stressful.

Anything that involves rhythm and rhyme might be beneficial as baby gets older.

DS didn't speak till after he was two but did use some signs he'd picked up so that seemed useful.

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